When the new Starz Original Series, Power, debuts on June 7, hip-hop heads everywhere will be glued to their screens. Executive produced by the hip-hop superstar 50 Cent, the show tells the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a big-time New York City drug dealer and club owner, who’s caught up in a dark world and looking to get out and clean up his lifestyle. But there are a few things standing in his way. His wife, Tasha St. Patrick, is happy with all the pleasantries in her life and isn’t interested in Ghost making any changes, even if they are for the better. The same goes for Ghost’s partner-in-crime, Tommy Egan, who likes to live on the wild side. Ghost also has to deal with some drama with his old lover, Angela Valdez, who’s back in the picture, plus his mentor, Kanan, is soon to get out of jail and wants to reclaim the throne. The heat is turned up for Ghost as he tries to figure out a way to not only survive, but come out on top.


To get acquainted with the characters of Power before the show’s debut, here’s a breakdown of who’s who in the show and what they’re up against. There’s a lot you have be careful of when you’re at the top.




The series’ central character, James St. Patrick, is played by Omari Hardwick, best known for his roles as Carl in For Colored Girls and Levi in Sparkle. Hardwick also currently stars in the new drama Being Mary Jane, alongside Gabrielle Union, as Mary Jane’s love interest, Andre Daniels. In Power, James St. Patrick, a.k.a. Ghost, is a big-time drug dealer in New York City. However, to the public he’s only known as the owner of Truth, one of the hottest nightclubs in NYC. Ghost ultimately believes the club is his way out of the drug game. Even though life looks glamorous from the outside, Ghost wants nothing more than to be a legitimate business man. He’s seeking to turn his life around and gain the status that he believes he deserves, but once you’re in, can you ever get out?





Lela Loren, whose previous roles include parts in The Hangover Part III and Snitch, plays Angela Valdez. Angela grew up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick in a rough neighborhood but managed to escape using her intellect, ambition, and determination. Just as she’s assigned the biggest task of her career and on the cusp of achieving everything she’s worked for, Angela has a chance encounter with Ghost—or as she knows him “Jamie”—her past love. The relationship might jeopardize everything, but it seems that the flame for Ghost never quite went all the way out. Angela constantly encourages Ghost to channel the integrity within him, adding more incentive for Ghost to make the changes to his life that he desires. Although Angela is now living the life she’s always wanted, her feelings for Ghost make it clear that even though her intellect helped her escape her home long ago, she never truly left her childhood behind.




Tasha St. Patrick, Ghost’s wife, is played by singer/actress Naturi Naughton. Naughton is a former member of the R&B trio 3LW, and she also starred as Lil Kim in the 2009 Notorious B.I.G biopic, Notorious. In Power, Naughton plays a drop-dead gorgeous, loving wife who wants it all. As Tasha has mothered Ghost’s three kids and has been by his side for years, she expects to be compensated with a lavish life. She has been Ghost’s ride-or-die woman throughout his rise in the drug game, and she is content with her current financial standings. However, Tasha has serious issues with reality as she constantly plays up the illusion of her life’s domestic normality. Upon discovering that Ghost is growing weary of the drug game and wants to solely pursue the club as his career, Tasha does not agree with her husband’s new way of thinking. Realizing that everything she’s worked so hard for may be in jeopardy, Tasha is willing to take serious measures to assure that her fantasy life remains intact. She is adamant that things will remain the way they are and tries everything in her power to secure the lifestyle she has grown to love.




Tommy Egan, Ghost’s extremely loyal partner-in-crime, is played by actor Joseph Sikora. Sikora has previously held roles in many prominent primetime shows including The Good Wife, True Detective and Boardwalk Empire. In the role of Tommy Egan, Sikora acts as Ghost’s go-to guy and the man who helped Ghost build his drug empire. He grew up on the rough streets of NYC alongside Ghost, so in his mind there is nothing that can tear them or what they’ve built apart. With a bond tight as ever, Tommy looks at Ghost as a brother, protecting Ghost and his family by any means. However for Tommy, the drug game is not just a way of making ends meet—it seems like an ultimate end. His empire with Ghost is his whole life, and he is willing to protect it at all costs and won’t let anything jeopardize the life that he’s worked so hard to maintain. Tommy, like Tasha, is fine with the way things are and is willing to unleash war on anyone who dares to step in their path.




Hip-hop mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson serves as one of the Executive Producers of Power and is also a cast member. 50 takes on the role of Kanan, Ghost and Tommy’s former boss, who took them under his wing years ago. Currently locked up on a sketchy drug charge, Kanan still maintains a heavy ear on the streets. He also remains a mentor to Ghost and an advisor to what he considers his organization. Kanan anxiously awaits his release from prison, and with it quickly approaching, the former kingpin plans to return to the streets in a grand fashion and reclaim what he rightfully deserves.