Earlier this week (July 21), Meek Mill went off on Twitter and called out Drake in the process. He made claims of Drizzy having a ghostwriter and threw shots at Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend. For over two hours, the Philly rapper let loose on the Twittersphere. His rant lit the social media site on fire and had more than just the world of hip-hop glued to his Twitter feed. Rappers like OG Maco and Roscoe Dash gave their two cents, throwing hits at Meek. And unexpected people, like John Legend's wife supermodel Chrissy Teigen and Toronto's City Councillor weighed in as well.

And while Drake didn't outwardly respond to Meek's jabs, his woes took care of that. Meek eventually explained why he went in on Drake at a concert the next night (July 22). Check out the entire timeline of Meek's Twitter drama below. It's hilarious.

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