On Monday evening (Nov. 13), supporters of Meek Mill gathered at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia for the Rally for Meek—a call for justice for the rapper and others.

In footage captured at the event, the large crowd can be seen holding up posters that read "#RALLY4MEEK" and heard chanting, "Free Meek Mill." In a separate video posted on Twitter, the crowd loudly recites the intro to Meek's famous song, "Dreams and Nightmares."

Earlier this month, Meek was sentenced to two to four years in prison after violating his probation. "I've been trying to help you since 2009," said Judge Genece Brinkley. "You basically thumbed your nose at me."

But according to the rapper's lawyer, the judge has it out for Meek. During an interview with Billboard, attorney Joe Tacopina cited examples of the judge "crossing the line of professionalism and traditional conduct" and revealed she once asked the rapper to leave Roc Nation and sign with her friend's label.

"When she requests he leaves his current management Roc Nation—which is one of the most important management companies in the world—and goes back to a local Philadelphia guy who has a spotted past because she had a personal relationship with him as manager, again, she's doing something that a judge would never be doing, having a personal interest," he said.

Since news of the rapper's sentence broke, Meek has received support from JAY-Z, T.I., Colin Kaepernick, Philadelphia 76ers' co-owner Michael Rubin and many more throughout the entertainment industry. The NBA owner went as far as penning a letter for the rapper addressed to the judge. In the letter, Rubin vowed his support for Meek, writing, "Please know that I am devoted to his future and to making sure he accomplishes the goals that you have set forth for him. He not only has a bright future but also a unique opportunity to inspire young men at a time when others are tearing them down. I would hate to him incarcerated for these violations. I truly believe that such a sentence would destroy his future."

Check out videos from the rally below.

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