Since his release from prison in April, Meek Mill has been making the rounds giving interviews and speaking out for justice reform. On Thursday (May 10), the Philadelphia rapper took a break from his activism and stopped by Hot 97 to spit a new freestyle.

While chatting with Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Styles, Meek was asked about a release date for new music. Instead of revealing when we could expect a project from him, the rapper decided to rap a few bars a cappella style. "Picture me 10 years younger with some tats on my face/Takin' a bunch of Xannies with the strap on my waist," he spit over no beat.

"Pointin' it at the camera like mama ain't teach me manners/Tryna see mo' bills like I'm headed to Alabama—no wait/I don't judge 'em, I'm just tryna understand 'em/'Cause I used to pop percs, pour purple in my Fanta/Had me swervin' in my Phantom like I'm runnin' from my dreams," Meek continued.

Although Meek wouldn't reveal when would hear new music from him, he did say expect to hear him dropping more knowledge in his songs. "It's gonna be a lot of jewels in a cool way in my music," he said.

In related news, the Wins & Losses rapper recently opened up about comments Nicki Minaj made on his jail sentence. Speaking with The Breakfast Club, Meek revealed he wasn't too happy about what his ex-girlfrined had to say about Judge Genece Brinkley.

"I wasn't feeling that. [Nicki] shouldn't have said nothing and we leave it at that," he said. "I don't feel no way... when it comes to freedom, I don't care who it is—this could be Safaree, this could be anybody—if I know something, and that man's freedom is on the line and I could say something to help the situation, I'm gonna say it. If I don't say it, I just won't say nothing."

In April, Minaj refused to criticize the judge during an interview with Zane Lowe, saying, "The judge in question did everything I asked of her, so I can't bad mouth her 'cause I met her personally and I know what she said to us and [Meek] knows that."

Watch Meek Mill's freestyle at the 1:10:11-mark below.

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