It's one thing for Boosie BadAzz to be against JAY-Z's anti-money phone bars on his 4:44 song "The Story of O.J." It's quite another for MC Shan, a legend from hip-hop's golden era, to feel the same way.

In a recent interview on the Murder Master Music Show to talk about his new album Bars Over Bullshit, Shan explains why he thinks the Roc Nation boss is giving rappers the wrong advice on the song, showing it's not just the younger heads who are against the message of the song—which is ostensibly about building and maintaining generational wealth in the Black community.

“I don’t see this game as being a young man’s sport,” the Juice Crew legend begins before launching into some criticism of Hov's platinum album, which he admits he's yet to give a listen to.

He continues, “I see this game that if there’s not people like me and [Kool G Rap] doing what we do, there’s a whole generation that don’t have shit to listen to—what the fuck? Are we gonna be forced to have to listen to this other stuff that is out here? I don’t think so. There is another slot for us out here. Don’t be greedy and take it all. I’m not agreeing with … I haven’t heard Jay’s album and I’m not running out to get Jay’s album. From what I hear, he has been saying the same shit that people has been saying for years. If you wanted to tell people to do something, tell them to pull their fucking pants up! Don’t tell them to stop putting money to their ear! That’s what their fans expect from them. That’s their persona. People like them because they’re bold with they shit like that. Let the man put his money to his ear. And instead of throwing shots at muthafuckas, say they fuckin’ name! Say who you talking about. Don’t shade that shit. Don’t be a shady muthafucka! Be that nigga!”

Shan also seems to think Hov might have cribbed his flow.

“If you listen to a lot of albums where you take a lot of people’s lyrics and use the shit including my flow, I’m definitely not gonna run out and buy the fuckin’ Blueprint and The F Print or whatever the fuck,” Shan continues in the interview. “Not being a hater. Man made his money—get your money and do what you do—but don’t act like your word is law like you some fuckin’ prophet and shit. Let niggas do what the fuck they do. And if you gonna throw fuckin’ shade, say the nigga’s name so it don’t have to be a mystery. ‘Is he talking about me?’ And I’m probably gonna hear about this shit… ‘Shan Throws Shots At JAY-Z on The Murder Mys…’ I ain’t throwing shots but it’s just like… c’mon man. If you gonna tell somebody to do something… you telling niggas to buy property and all this shit… niggas ain’t got that kind of money. Niggas ain’t got Malibu Money to go just buy up every-fuckin-thing. Their money is dirty. And the minute they go and try buy that shit up, the Feds is coming to take that shit. So you giving fucked up advice any muthafuckin’ way.”

Check out Shan's interview for yourself below.

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