MC Eiht drops his new single off his upcoming album, Which Way Iz West"Compton Zoo," which is produced by DJ Premier, finds Eiht repping his side of the town throughout the song while spitting knowledge.

"I'm tryin' to stay paid/Me and my bitch loc sippin' off top grade/Shots of the liquor, money is the plan so I double up quicker/Thicker than water, if the shit get thick then roll your dice smarter," he raps.

"'Compton Zoo' signifies the struggle in and out of music and how I feel about the current state of hip-hop,” Eiht said through email. “Just like Preemo digs deep into them crates for the scratch chorus, I can still express myself and dig deep as well."

Which Way Iz West is set to release on June 30 and is being executive produced by DJ Premier. The featured guests include WC, B-Real, Xzibit, Kurupt, Lady of Rage, MayLAy, Big Mike, The Outlawz, Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxxx) and Compton’s Most Wanted with production from Eiht’s longtime collaborator Brenk Sinatra. This is Eiht's first solo album in a decade.

Bump the new song below.

MC Eiht's Which Way Iz West Tracklist

1. “Shut 'Em Down” Feat. The Outlawz
2. “Represent Like This” Feat. WC & DJ Premier
3. “Compton Zoo”
4. “Heart Cold” Feat. Lady Of Rage
5. “Pass Me By” Feat. B-Real
6. “Runn The Blocc” Feat. MayLAy (prod. by DJ Premier)
7. “Gangsta Gangsta” Feat. Kurupt
8. “Got That”
9. “Medicate” Feat. Xzibit
10. “Born To Hustle” Feat. Big Mike
11. “Sittin' Around Smokin'”
12. “As I Proceed”
13. “Last Ones Left” Feat. Compton’s Most Wanted & DJ Premier (prod. by DJ Premier)
14. “4 Tha OG'z” Feat. Bumpy Knuckles (Produced by DJ Premier)
15. “You Nia'z”

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