Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison today (September 3) for orchestrating a 2006 robbery that left a man slain in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel, according to

The former Jim Jones protégé, born Charly Wingate, was convicted of felony murder, aggravated manslaughter, kidnapping, armed robbery and conspiracy back in June. Max, who’s been in custody at the New Jersey’s Bergen County Jail since his conviction, plans on appealing the verdict.

As previously reported, Max B was found guilty for his role in the robbery of Florida men David Taylor and Allan Plowden, which left Taylor fatally shot. He’d reportedly conspired with his stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, and girlfriend, Gina Conway, who later testified against Leerdam and Max in return for a shorter sentence.

Leerdam was given a life term in jail, plus 35 years, for his role in the murder.

In an interview with XXL in July, Max talked about the prospect of releasing music from behind bars.

“I’m not thinking like Shyne, man, ‘cause Shyne got ten years,” Max told XXL. “If they give me a number, my shit gon’ be like, 60 or 70. So it’s different with me. If my appeal gets shot down and nothing happens, whatever I got left, I’ll just put it out. And then, you know, I’ll figure a way where I can set something up, shit’ll just go to my kids or something. But I’m not even thinking [like] that… that’s negative energy.”

“I’m still fighting,” Biggavelli continued. “I will be back soon.” –John Kennedy