President Trump has been on the wrong end of some harsh words this week for his petty Twitter response over not getting a thank you from LaVar Ball for allegedly helping spring his son and two other UCLA basketball players from a Chinese jail after they were accused of shoplifting. But put Master P in the category of people who thinks the Big Baller Brand spokesman should be appreciative of the Commander in Chief's efforts.

The No Limit founder was recently stopped by TMZ and asked about the whole situation, and he took the high road. "I just think it's a blessing to have your kids back home. You gotta just be humble. But that's [LaVar]. He always talks loud," P said in reference to LaVar saying he didn't need Trump's help to get his son freed in an interview with CNN.

"Just be thankful that your kids are safe, they not in prison and do the right thing. [Trump] had something to do with your kid getting home. Right is right. Wrong is wrong," he added before saying he thinks Trump deserves an expression of gratitude. "If that man had a big thing of getting his son back home, that's what it should be. That's just giving respect where it's at."

While P thinks LaVar should be appreciative to No. 45, count YG and Snoop Dogg as two people who think otherwise. Following Trump's Twitter post blasting the boisterous father, the Bompton MC responded, "Played yo dumb ass," in reference to Trump not getting a thank you.

Uncle Snoop was less kind in his reaction to the whole situation. "Fuck you, bitch. Fuck you, Donald Trump and everything you stand for," said the Cali rap legend in an Instagram video. "Lavar Ball, good lookin' out. I wouldn't of thanked that motherfucker either. Fuck you! Should have left him in jail? What kinda nigga is you, man? Garbage! America, ya should be ashamed of yourselves to call this piece of shit y'all president. He ain't mine. Fuck him!"

See what P had to say about the whole LaVar Ball, Trump issue below.

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