Fans of Virginia rapper/singer/producer/whatever you want to call D.R.A.M.'s breakout tape #1EpicSummer should remember "$2," a song he made with his cousin MASS that was inspired by MASS having just two bucks in his pocket. It was a standout on that early project, along with "Goldens," another collab between the two, and together they've continued to develop the chemistry apparent on those tracks.

Now, MASS is ready to step out on his own, and he's doing it with his self-titled mixtape dropping Jan. 18. Above is the first offering from the tape called "Only Gang" featuring production from D.R.A.M. and Rogét Chahayed, the guy who actually played the keys on "Broccoli."

"I was in a jam session making a beat with Rogét when I first came up with it," D.R.A.M. tells XXL. "Played it for cuz and I was like you fuck with it? He was like yeah, and I said it is your style..." Mass listened to the track, heard there was an open verse and knew exactly what to do with it.

Much like "$2," the cousins reminisce on harder times over a bass-heavy beat. Those memories reinforce the strong ties between the two and help fuel the natural feel of their collaborations together.

Peep the cover art and tracklist for MASS below. Remy Banks, DP and Izzle Mane are also featured on the tape, as well as production from Very RVRE, Dan Stuckie, Butch Dawson and more.

Andre Costa
Andre Costa

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