Ma$e is now telling his side of the story about Fivio Foreign claiming he only got a $5,000 record deal advance. The former Bad Boy artist is refuting Fivio's story, and says the Brooklyn rapper actually received a $750,000 contract from Columbia Records.

On Sunday night (Jul 31), the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast released the latest episode, in which they gave Ma$e a chance to rebut Fivio Foreign's claims on the previous episode. The Harlem World rapper came with receipts in the form of a "file" on his phone.

"I had to put a file together on all the history that was left out," Ma$e said at the 5:28-mark of the interview. "What he came up here and said was very reckless."

When pressed to answer if Ma$e in fact gave Fivio a $5,000 record deal advance, Ma$e shut down the narrative.

"No, I gave him $750,000," Ma$e answered. "At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000."

"I set him up to do a deal to where I could control the deal, make the deal what it should be," Ma$e continued. "Because I knew if he had the leverage he would go in there and sell both of us out. He wasn't able to do that because of the way I structured the deal. When we went in the building, I took [$800,000], he took took $700,000. Now, the reason why it went down to $700,000 is because when I gave him $750[,000] and I took $750[,000], he owed me $50,000 ... For all the money I was spending until he got the deal."

Ma$e went on to say he initially wanted to sign another artist named Jay Dee, who appeared on the 2019 song "Blixky Inna Box" with Fivio and Dee Savv. Ma$e claims he gave $15,000 to a police officer that was managing the trio in order to sign them. However, the cop never gave the rappers the bread, Ma$e claims.

The Harlem rapper went on to claim Fivio and Jay Dee missed numerous shows he booked for them and implied they did not show up because rival 22Gz was also on the bill for the events. Ma$e said this caused him to fall back from the situation for a minute, but he eventually put Fivio back in the studio and began shopping deals for the rapper. During the podcast episode, Ma$e called Shawn "Tubby" Holiday, the former Head of Urban Music at Columbia Records, who confirmed that Ma$e facilitated a $750,000 deal for Fivio at the label.

"I just had to come up here and clear my name," Ma$e said at the 1:17:40-mark of the interview. Then he addresses Fivio. "I ain't trying to do you crazy. I got to clear my name, because I got other business out here and you threw a real reckless monkey wrench out there."

Ma$e is hoping to set the record straight after catching heat for Fivio's claims that Ma$e reportedly gave Fivio a $5,000 advance as part of signing to Ma$e's RichFish label imprint.

"I ain't gon' lie, [Ma$e] pulled out the paper and I just signed the shit, immediately," Fivio said during his interview on MDWOG last week. "That's all he gave me," he added. "I signed for $5,000. That shit hit. I thought that shit was going to last until whenever it was going to last. That shit ain't last two weeks."

During the new interview, Ma$e also shared his thoughts on his relationship with Diddy, saying Puff never paid him what he was worth or respected him.

Watch Ma$e on the Latest Episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Below

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