Mannie Fresh is one of the best hip-hop producers of all time. The New Orleans native, born Byron Thomas, reinvented southern hip-hop, propelling a number of the biggest acts in the genre into the spotlight between the 1990s and early 2000s. Mannie was responsible for the signature sounds coming from Cash Money Records and was their go-to in-house producer for years.

The beatmaker was the man behind the earlier works of Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and Turk. Songs like “Back That Azz Up,” "Bling Bling" -- the word was added into the Oxford English Dictionary less than five years later from the song's original release -- and "Tha Block Is Hot" were vital in not only the artists' careers but for Cash Money. Fresh was either the sole producer or produced the majority of some of Cash Money's biggest albums such as Juvenile's 1998 release, 400 Degreez, B.G.'s 1999 album, Chopper City in the Ghetto, and Birdman's self-titled album in 2002.

When Wayne, B.G., Juve and Turk joined forces to form the Hot Boys, Fresh helped them create colossal hit records like "I Need a Hot Girl," "We on Fire" and much more. Mannie Fresh was also part of the duo Big Tymers, alongside Birdman, and made lauded records like "#1 Stunna" and "Get Your Roll On."

Years later, the producer would branch away from the Cash Money clique and find success with T.I. ("Top Back," "Big Shit Poppin'"), on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer ("The One"), and Yasiin Bey ("Let's Go").

Throughout his storied career, Mannie Fresh has crafted some of the best records of all-time and for more than two decades, he's been a name to call when you want to capture that New Orleans bounce. With a discography so stacked, XXL highlights and ranked his top beats. Check them out below.

  • 25

    “Used 2” (2013)

    2 Chainz
  • 24

    "6th and Baronne" (1993)

  • 23

    "Cheat on Yo Man" (2006)

    Pimp C
  • 22

    “BM Jr.” (2004)

    Lil Wayne
  • 21

    “We On Fire” (1999)

    Hot Boyz
  • 20

    “Get Your Shine On” (2005)

  • 19

    “Real Big” (2004)

    Mannie Fresh
  • 18

    "Shine" (2001)

    Lil Wayne
  • 17

    “Hope You Niggas Sleep” (1999)

    Notorious B.I.G.
  • 16

    "#1 Stunna" (2000)

    Big Tymers
  • 15

    "I Miss My Dawgs" (2004)

    Lil Wayne
  • 14

    "Tha Block Is Hot" (1999)

    Lil Wayne
  • 13

    "I Need A Hot Girl" (1999)

    Hot Boys
  • 12

    “And Then What” (2005)

    Young Jeezy
  • 11

    "Get Your Roll On" (2000)

    Big Tymers
  • 10

    "Top Back" (2006)

  • 9

    "Cash Money Is An Army" (1998)

  • 8

    "In My Life" (2003)

  • 7

    “Project Chick” (2000)

    Cash Money Millionaires
  • 6

    “Still Fly” (2002)

    Big Tymers
  • 5

    “Big Things Poppin” (2007)

  • 4

    “Ha” (1998)

  • 3

    “Go DJ” (2004)

    Lil Wayne
  • 2

    “Bling Bling” (1999)

  • 1

    “Back That Azz Up” (1999)


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