Maliibu Miitch is a rapper from the South Bronx that beginning to turn some heads. Her hit song "4AM" is getting a lot of buzz and the outtakes from her video shoot—which was shot at the Union Street station and on the subway—went viral.

Her latest single, "Gwapamole," finds the BX native showing off her gritty side while she raps about getting money over production by Paul Couture. "I be getting gwapamole/Chilling like my brodie/Hit a $100,000 now they acting like they know me," she raps. The 26-year-old rapper's music is a blend of rugged street records and catchy tunes. In a recent interview, Maliibu spoke about her rapping style.

"Actually, that’s what I want to do on my first actual project," she says. "Maliibu is the softer, fun, and bubbly side of me, and Miitch is the gritty, South Bronx side of me. I want to make it look like I’m fighting against myself, you know? Some songs will be pretty and other songs will be hood as hell and ratchet as hell."

Bump "Gwapamole" below.

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