Malibu Miitch is back with another banger. Last week (April 18), the Bronx rapper unloaded a new track called "Give Her Some Money," which is effectively an anthem for all the baddies of the world.

With a hard Lee On The Beats and Hitmaka-produced instrumental at her back, Miitch spits with a sensuous, almost whisper-like delivery as she throws up reasons for big spenders to throw some cash.

"Head good, better give her some money/Pussy good, better give her some money/Attitude, give her some money/Give her some money/Drop low, give her some money/Dressing room, 'bout to get her some money/Give her some money
Bad bitch, better give her some money," the 26-year-old spits on the hook.

Miitch has been around the rap game for a while, but is hoping for her future to be even brighter than her past. Late last year she signed with Atlantic Records, and she was pretty happy with the outcome.

“I’ve been in basically two deals now," she told XXL in her interview for The Break last December. "I’m just happy. I waited my whole career for this to happen, for artists to know my name. I have Kehlani liking my pictures [on Instagram]. K. Michelle reached out to me. I have a song with Chris Brown, I have a song with Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih and even more stuff that’s coming out. I waited my whole life to be embraced by artists and now I’m getting that."

Listen to "Give Her Some Money" below.

Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records

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