This past weekend, a new chapter was added to the mostly uneventful beef between Wack 100 and Maino. Last September, the two began beefing after Maino took issue with The Game, who's managed by Wack 100, filming the video for his Meek Mill diss song, "Pest Control," in Brooklyn. At the time, Wack said Maino was "playing both sides." Not too much happened after Wack's post, though.

Then, the beef began once again. The trouble seemingly started during an interview where Wack 100 claimed he had more clout in the streets of Brooklyn than Maino.

“I told that nigga Maino that we need to get down am on my way to Brooklyn,” Wack 100 said. “Maino know nigga that I am stronger than him in Brooklyn." Needless to say, Maino, who's a Brooklyn native, didn't appreciate those comments from Wack. He quickly responded with a scathing Instagram post.

“Suck my dick,” Maino began in a now-deleted post. ”You lying bitch! How dare you jump on an interview and spit that bullshit! We spoke as men do! About how niggas were lying to u about me. Kay Slay and Murda told me no such thing boy! I Told you last time you could get fade, flat top or blady… outta respect. But I lost every ounce ounce of respect for you.”

From there the Insta-beefing continued, with Wack leaving a couple of comments once again challenging Maino's status in BK. "@Mainohustlehard first off clown get off IG nigga and keep it in the streets," Wack wrote in a comment to Maino. "All you niggas go big on IG and when I catch you you wanna compromise. Let it be right where its at.  Really dont know WTF you talking about right now but its whatever with me about whatever."

In another comment, Wack continued coming at Maino, writing, "@Mainohustlehard and nigga you got to STAY in BROOKLYN to be the king of BROOKLYN nigga."

A short time later, Maino deleted his new post coming at Wack, and in a surprising move, the West Coast manager defended the Brooklyn MC from anyone who might say he was acting out of fear.

“@Mainohustlehard did not take his post down out of fear or cowardice,” Wack wrote in an Instagram caption for a photo of Maino. “He took it down after he figured out a snake blogger violated confidentiality. I wasn’t asked to do this post just as he wasn’t asked to take down his post. I see you IG clowns are doing what you do best instigating a fire. We will do whatever it is we’re going to do however we do whatever that maybe.”

Some time later, Maino posted a relaxed looking picture of himself along with the caption, "I said wut I said....Period!" So where, exactly, does this leave the latest bit of Instagram drama involving Wack 100? It's hard to say. It almost feels like he and Maino have reached some sort of resolution, but who knows?

In any case, peep the latest saga of Instagram beef in the posts below.

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