RRose RRome and Maino put their spin on Lil Kim and Diddy's classic track "No Time." For RRome's "No Time," K.O.B. and RRome call out the fake rappers in the industry. The record is produced by Gq Beats. "Never keep the work and money in the same room/She got a man but he a lame though," RRose RRome raps. The two Brooklyn natives bring bars on the record.

Maino had a busy year in 2017. The hip-hop vet connect with Fila to release a collaborative sneaker. He also released his latest album Party & Pain in October. Maino previously spoke with XXL about his most recent project and his role in hip-hop culture.

“Because here’s the thing: once you’re the new nigga, you can only be that new nigga one time," he explains. "Everything after that is about trying to reinvent that." He added, "You deal with the ups and downs of that, you know? Just as much as we like to get money and buy cars, you know, ride around in Rolls-Royces and Bentleys and stuff like that, we still live a real life. So that’s what Party & Pain is."

Bump "No Time" below.

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