Baton Rouge rappers Maine Musik and T.E.C. might be on the verge of blowing up. The duo has racked up millions of plays on YouTube, catching attention for their antics and chemistry. The tandem's latest track "DOA" showcases exactly why they are popping with its frenetic energy and brutal imagery.

"Ain't no surviving when we hop out/Draco come with the stock off/Got to cake when I be solo/Two Glock 40's at my bitch house/It be up when I be pissed off/Corner back I'ma get 'em all picked off/Walked down, four pounds to your bitch mouth/Flea that seen with a barrel full of lip gloss/I can't get lost in the system/Or slip up and be a victim/So I ride around with that 90 sound/That's the silencer on my extend," Maine raps on the opening verse.

Both men handle the hook before T.E.C. jumps into the second verse. The former No Limit artist lays down the grim consequences of snitching on his solo turn.

"Up in court, him and the DA sitting on side each other/They made your whole team sing cause y'all the Isley brothers/So hide your kids, hide your wives and better hide your mothers/Could dodge a fist, dodge brick but can't dodge them cutters/Your cross game sick, why I just shook a nigga/And you claiming that you raw, but that 40 will cook a nigga," T.E.C. raps.

If you like what you hear, check out Maine's new mixtape Maine Event. The project features "DOA" and is available now on Spinrilla. T.E.C. also dropped his Presidential Cemetery mixtape this week, which you should listen to as well.

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