It doesn't look like the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem is dying down any time soon. After Eminem's diss track targeted at Kelly, "Killshot," MGK dissed the rapper on stage during an Orlando, Fla. concert and taunted him on Instagram.

"Fuck Marshall Mathers," MGK said as he opened his set, according to TMZ. "The real Slim Shady can't stand up," he later shouted, poking fun at the Detroit rapper's age.

He later posted a photo on Instagram wearing the cover art for Em's song "Killshot," with his middle finger up. "He missed," MGK wrote. In the sliding pictures that followed, he also included a screenshot of his original diss track at Eminem, "Rap Devil," still at the No. 1 spot on Apple Music's chart.

It all started when Em took shots at MGK on his Kamikaze track "Not Alike." MGK then responded with "Rap Devil," a play on Eminem's' "Rap God," which then led to "Killshot."

Machine Gun Kelly didn't hold back his feelings about the song when it came out, calling it trash and announcing he's prepping a new EP Binge. However, he may be harboring more bad blood than he's letting on, as his security team was accused of beating up an actor who called MGK a "pussy" for bringing up Eminem's daughter.

The beef has been a huge topic of conversation in the hip-hop community since it began, and although MGK is definitely taking shots at Em on tour, it's unclear at this time if he's going to keep it going with more diss tracks.

Check out Machine Gun Kelly's post on Instagram below.

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