Two months after making his Haitian Body Odor album available online, Mach-Hommy is back with a joint EP with Knxwledge. The EP is called The Spook..., and as you should've been able to predict as soon as you saw he was working with Knxwledge, the project sees Hommy spitting straight bars over the producer's soulful instrumentals.

The project features plenty of Hommy's technical mastery as he switches flows pretty effortlessly while weaving together solid rhyme schemes. His verses fit nicely over Knxwledge's futuristic soul soundscape, and at just eight tracks all together, it makes for a nice quick listen. The Spook... also features guest appearances from THA GOD FAHIM and Ju Ju Gotti.

Last year, Hommy, who's rapped with Westside Gunn, used an unconventional route to distribute his Haitian Body Odor album, selling copies of the project through his DM’s on Instagram for $300 per copy. His joint EP is way more immediately accessible; you can cop it for Bandcamp for $11.11. Check out the tracklist for the project, as well as the EP itself, below. You won't regret it.

Mach-Hommy and Knxwledge's The Spook... Tracklist
1."Tiddly Winks [stx]"
2."Yeezy Taught H.E.R."
3."PTRFMLSBRDG [skby]"
4."Bon Après-Midi"
5."Doot Doot Doot" Feat. THA GOD FAHIM and Ju Ju Gotti
6."Mouchwa Sal"Feat.THA GOD FAHIM and JuJu Gotti
8."Swiff Premium"

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