Mach-Hommy has finally released his Haitian Body Odor album on SoundCloud.

The complex MC who was once affiliated with Griselda has had a very interesting career as far as the music goes. Last year, he officially released Haitian Body Order but instead of putting it online to be streamed or purchased digitally, he sold copies of the project through his DM’s on Instagram for $300 per copy.

Haitian Body Order is a 18-track album that consists of some production from August Fanon, Xavier Anderson, Roc Marciano and Camouflage Monk. It also has features from Conway and Keisha Plum. The studio effort catches Hommy rapping about multiple women laying in the bed on records such as “Plenty”, living his life thoroughly and quoting the motto M.O.B. on “Bey Six,” rappers with sour faces and tucking the lil uzi in the trunk on “Midnight Xpress” and some spoken word on “Michelle Ma Belle.”

The album reflects the era of hip-hop where simplicity was everything. The production and the rhymes are very catchy, but all in all extremely straight forward and direct.

In 2016, Mach-Hommy featured on the Griselda Records EP Don’t Get Scared Now, a six-track studio effort where the MC appeared on the first half of the project.

Mach Hommy’s Haitian Body Order Tracklist

1. "Ti Geralde" (prod. by August Fanon)
2. "Tunnel Vision" (prod. by August Fanon)
3. "1080p" (prod. by August Fanon)
4. "Plenty" (prod. by August Fanon)
5. "Bey Six" (prod. by Xavier Alexander)
6. "Midnight Xpress" Feat. Conway The Machine (prod. by August Fanon)
7. "Michelle Ma Belle" Feat. Keisha Plum (prod. by August Fanon)
8. "Mach Marcy" (prod. by Roc Marciano)
9. "HBO" (prod. by August Fanon)
10. "Snow Beach" (prod. by August Fanon)
11. "Fresh Off The Boa"t (prod. by KNXWLEDGE)
12. "Fukk You" (prod. by Camouflage Monk)
13. "Trezeta Air" Max (prod. by August Fanon)
14. "Band Anna" (prod. by Daringer)
15. "Thank God" (prod. by August Fanon)
16. "Food Pyramid" (prod. by Camouflage Monk)
17. "Kapeesh" (prod. by August Fanon)
18. "Bloody Penthouse" (prod. by Daringer)

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