In the most recent CBS/New York Times poll, released this afternoon (Sept. 15), Donald Trump enjoys a healthy, albeit shrinking lead among those seeking the Republican party's nomination for president. Among voters eligible to participate in the Republican primaries, Trump is the most popular candidate, setting the pace at 27 percent, up from 24 percent last month. But where his closest competition in August was Jeb Bush and his 13 percent, retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson saw his support nearly quadruple to 23 percent. (The former Florida governor, once considered the frontrunner to secure the party's nomination, fell to 6 percent this month, tying him with Florida senator Marco Rubio and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.) In short, the candidates from the party establishment are crumbling, while Trump looks as strong as ever. So when Larry Wilmore wanted someone to discuss the controversial real estate mogul on The Nightly Show, he turned to someone who has had real-life beef with him: Mac Miller.

"He's like a struggling rapper on Twitter," said Miller, who had a spat wtih Trump when the song named after him caught the Apprentice star's ire. "It's like, 'Let me just make fun of everybody, and then retweet all the nice things people say.'" The rapper, whose GO:OD AM drops this Friday (Sept. 18), recalls calling Trump a "dick head" in an interview before receiving dozens of angry tweets from the man himself, says that Trump's sustained popularity says something "scary about America." Miller cites in particular Trump's incendiary comments about immigrants; when he announced his candidacy, Trump said that America was importing "rapists" from Mexico.