On September 7, 2018, the hip-hop community was hit with disheartening news after it was revealed that rapper Mac Miller passed away from an apparent drug overdose at his Los Angeles home. Miller, 26, was pronounced dead after Los Angeles paramedics responded to a 911 call for an "immediate dispatch" to the rapper's home and found him "unresponsive." Friends and fans of Mac Miller mourned the rapper in the wake of his death, sharing their memories of the rapper and detailing how his music and presence impacted their lives, a testament to how he'd evolved from a buzzworthy upstart into one of the most beloved artists of his generation.

A Pittsburgh native, Mac Miller came to prominence within the rap world after inking a record deal with indie giant Rostrum Records and unleashing his breakout 2010 mixtape, K.I.D.S., a project that highlighted his knack for lyricism and his affinity for partying, beautiful girls and vintage culture. From there, Mac Miller's stock only rose, with the rapper's 2011 first studio album Blue Slide Park debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first independently distributed rap album to achieve that feat in more than a decade. That same year, Mac Miller was selected as a XXL Freshman, following in the footsteps of fellow Pittsburgh native and Rostrum artist Wiz Khalifa.

Continuing to build his following as an artist with a string of mixtapes, collaborative projects and successful studio albums like Watching Movies with the Sound Off (2013), GO:OD AM (2015), and The Divine Feminine (2016), Mac Miller had evolved from an over-achiever into one of the more respected artists in rap ahead of the release of Swimming, his fifth-studio album and his last prior to his untimely death.

In celebration of Mac Miller's extensive catalog of music, his successful career and the impact he left on hip-hop, XXL compiled a list of 20 of the best lyrics the Pittsburgh legend ever spat on wax. R.I.P. Mac Miller

  • "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza"

    Mac Miller

    "Ain't ever seen a young rapper like moi/Can't believe they eyes, swear it's just a mirage/Still got my training wheels in the garage/But I ain't gonna need those, I'ma go hard/So far I've done pretty well for myself/Couple trophies on the shelf so what else/Could I want that I don't have yet/Well, a little more cash and my own fast jet/So I can go anywhere (anywhere) anywhere (anywhere)/Cali for the kush, cause boy I know there's plenty there/Bout to be in music stores everywhere but not yet/They can't understand my concept" —Mac Miller

  • "Best Day Ever"

    Mac Miller

    "If it ain't about a dream, then it ain't about me/Go a couple full weeks without a good night's sleep/Imagination, makin', musical creation/The journey that I'm facin' plus the paper that I'm chasin'/Got me crazy, half insane and with the lames I see you hatin'/But there's nothing' that you're changin', thumbs up, I'm maintainin'/No complainin' when it's rainin', I'll be in another zone/Move out my mother's home to a world I call my own" —Mac Miller

  • "Senior Skip Day"

    Mac Miller

    "Ain't tryna get out of my bed till noon/Neighbors smell the perfume smoke in my room/And I got the door closed can't be sure though/Amsterdam weed, spendin' euro's/Get the herb rolled, let's relax/Take your shoes off and kick it back/We escaped the world, escaped the stress/But I don't give a fuck if the house a mess" —Mac Miller

  • "La La La La"

    Mac Miller

    "I just live life, trying to do it right/Everyone that hear me say 'The boy is super nice'/Put a bitch up on a flight, she gon' be here by tonight/Get some afternoon delight, only eat it if it's ripe/Call me Stanley Steemer, I'll be giving her the pipe/And when I'm out of town she wanna see me so we Skype/She might get obsessed and keep calling/30,000 feet, Tom Petty, free falling/Just laying back, letting gravity take its course/I wanna tell all of my haters that we made it boy" —Mac Miller

  • "Frick Park Market"

    Mac Miller

    "My name Mac Miller, who the fuck are you/Well my crew too live but I ain’t Uncle Luke/And I ain’t no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir/From Pittsburgh, smoke papers or a swisher/Welcome to the Cam Rellim chronicles/Looking out my monocle/I’m dodging obstacles, I gamble like the Bellagio/You cock-a-roach, I’m heroin cause everything I talk is dope/Type to leave it clean and fucking shiny word to Mop & Glo" —Mac Miller

  • "Donald Trump"

    Mac Miller

    "You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance/Give a fuck about a budget, when you always be the subject of discussion/But it's nothin' when you stop and just say fuck it/'Cause you walkin' out in public/And you hear them talkin' rubbish/I just wanna ride, ride through the city in a Cutlass/Find a big-butt bitch somewhere, get my nuts kissed/That's the way it goes when you party just like I do/Bitches on my dick that used to brush me off in high school" —Mac Miller

  • "Loud"

    Mac Miller

    "Never gave a fuck and nothing 'bout me changed/Still roll up them blunts, got diamonds in my chain/Yeah, you heard me I got diamonds in my chain/But it don't make a difference if you crying in the rain/200 shows, I'ma kill more, I just sold out that Fillmore/Got a million, make a mill' more, play a No. 1 spot on the Billboard/Yeah, people lie, numbers won't/Keep me high, drugs is close/Roll one up, pour a cup/Watch the world go up in smoke" —Mac Miller

  • "Thoughts From a Balcony"

    Mac Miller

    "What do you do when you think you could be an icon?/Cause all these people get to screaming with the lights on/Like they just seen a ghost, earn my stripes, zebra coat/Racing to the gate but my flight gone/And now these writers taking shots without a Nikon/But I don't fight though, figure it's a typo/Seems we in some shit now, gonna be alright though/Potion in my Sprite, then my night slows" —Mac Miller

  • "S.D.S."

    Mac Miller

    "Shut your pie-hole, I'm dope and I know/My voice sound like it was a sample off a vinyl/I don't mind those hating on my style/I tend to take the high road, get stoned and fly low/I'm no God/I don't think that I'm a human, though cause I'm so odd/People selling drugs cause they can't find no job/Wonder if Christ made a million off selling the cross/Let bygones be bygones, my mind strong as pythons/The day that I die on will turn me to an icon/Search the world for Zion or a shoulder I can cry on/The best of all time, I'm Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan" —Mac Miller

  • "The Star Room"

    Mac Miller

    "I'm from a city that you hear and think a bunch of steel/So a hundred mills wouldn't make me sign a fucking deal/Money kills, that's the truth, it's called the root of evil/But I want that Rolls Royce that the homie Lennon drove/So, if you ain't talking 'bout some money I'ma send you home/Unconventional, special but unprofessional/Adolescent expression that's letting me meet these centerfolds/As troubles fill my mind capacity, I let 'em go/If I was Johnny Depp in Blow, I would let it snow/That's just me all wilding out and being extra doe" —Mac Miller

  • "Weekend"

    Mac Miller Featuring Miguel

    "I been having trouble sleeping/Battling these demons/Wondering what's the thing that keeps me breathing/Is it money, fame or neither?/I been thinking about the places that I frequent, all the people that I see/I’m just out here livin' decent, what do it mean to be a G?/And all the time we fall behind/Bitches in the concubine, I call her mine, crazy/She ain't God as I, I make water wine/Pause in time, it's common, they often hate me" —Mac Miller

  • "100 Grandkids"

    Mac Miller

    "I swear to God I put the hero in heroin, these flows kilos/I could sell snow to a ski slope/I could sell evil to the devil, nonbelievers to a temple/Shit, I could sell water to a speedboat/And these eyes is iconic/I went pro, made profit/Now I keep some dead faces in my pocket/Gettin' faded, I been stoned all week/But what's a God without a little OD? Just a G" —Mac Miller

  • "Planet God Damn"

    Mac Miller Featuring Njomza

    "Yeah, I think I'm stuck inside nostalgia/My mind are in the times when this love was so divine/But now it's feelin' like without ya/Feelin' like how the fuck did/We get into a place we ain't accustomed to lovin' inside of/I know I'm out of my mind more often than not/You know I'm used to givin' this all that I got, yeah/It's not a waste when that smile on your face/You tell me you outta place, you parked in my spot" —Mac Miller

  • "God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty"

    Mac Miller Featuring Kendrick Lamar

    "And do you believe in love?/Hold on tight when demons come/It'll be alright, no need to run/Stay with me tonight, we'll see the sun/And when we wake up early we'll still be young/Never felt this free before/I need you more than keys and doors/I need you sleepin' next to me/The blanket sheets, I'll take them all and keep you warm/Yeah and I teach her that we were the creatures of love/You be the leader, I could be Julius Caesar/When I'm pullin' up in the Beamer/The beats in the trunk, all the freaks wanna fuck" —Mac Miller

  • "Hurt Feelings"

    Mac Miller

    "I pay the cost to see apostrophes/That means it's mine, keep to myself, taking my time/Always into some bullshit, and out of line/Driving with my eyes close, missing all the signs/Turn the ignition, I'm driven and sittin' pretty/Listenin' to Whitney and whippin' it through the city, yeah/Man on a mission, figure it out/Putting way too much on my shoulders, please hold me down/I keep my head above the water/My eyes is gettin' bigger, so the world is gettin' smaller/I've been gettin' richer but that only made me crazy/Mama told me I was different even when I was a baby" —Mac Miller

  • "What's the Use"

    Mac Miller

    "I'm so above and beyond you take drugs to make it up/Way up where we on, space shuttle, Elon/Time, we don't waste much, fuck when we wake up/Then have her sing just like Céline Dion/Catch me if you can but, you never catch me damn/Whole lotta 'Yes I am'/All the way in with no exit plan/Already left and the jet don't land/Yeah, the time is ticking/Come take a ride, get inside, this is highly different/I'm talking fly, got the pilot wit 'em/Can I mind my business? Why you trippin'?/Give you somethin' that your eyes can witness" —Mac Miller

  • "Funeral"

    Mac Miller

    "Doing drugs is just a war with boredom but they sure to get me/My side-bitch is sort of pretty but she got enormous titties/Know I'm worth a fortune, she just want a brand new Porsche or Bentley/Had a few abortions, unfortunately, I forced them/Lord knows I turn a child to an orphan when I'm touring/I'm more than what I think of myself, I really have to be/Sit at home and drink by myself, my thoughts harassing me/Actually, as a matter of fact, she ain't getting back to me/A shame that my tragedy, my masterpiece, yeah/Trapped inside these dreams of mine/Just trying to get some peace of mind" —Mac Miller

  • "Funeral"

    Mac Miller

    "See we swallowed in this web of lies, never try to exercise/You used to be a fantasy but now I guess it's televised/I heard the legends never died/Oh this lonely hell of mine/There never was a better time to better myself/Forever I melt and float away like waves in the ocean/Staring inside of Heaven's eyes, the gates will never open/I'm smoking on this field of hope, waiting till my deal gets closed/I keep getting hotter but all I seem to feel is cold/22 don't feel so old but I think I'm 82/You mean to tell me God took seven days and all he made was you?" —Mac Miller

  • "Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask"

    Mac Miller

    "What happens when I'm suicidal, vibrations all through my spinal/From the hits to the vinyl, my mind will be in the Bible/I will see the signs and I'll probably not understand a lot/Rode into town yesterday, straight from Camelot/The prayers are not in common language they don't mean a thing/The evil king of underworlds accumulating bodies/This rap shit is turning into nothing but a hobby/Cause the pussy has already been fucked or in the lobby waiting/Dominating the matrix kick it with God and Satan/Oscillation through my veins, into these constellations" —Mac Miller

  • "Bill"

    Mac Miller Featuring Earl Sweatshirt

    "Now things are looking up, recommend the mescaline/Digest in your intestines with intentions of ascension up/Heavens no, my head is hot cause hell is cold/The bitch I'm smashing into fashion/But I know the devil wear a leopard coat/Back when Johnny Carson was dicking down Dolly Parton/Bang your pardon this my third life, I'm parking on the turnpikes/Searching for the circus lights/These demons never worked for Christ/Ain't fucking with no churches, we was all about that murder life" —Mac Miller

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