In a bizarre form of album promo for his upcoming release, Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe Tweeted out two pictures of himself dressed in full Klu Klux Klan attire with the captions, "The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Tetsuo & Youth 1/20/2015," and a link to preorder his album. The screenshots are from his 2013 video for "1234," which is a music video of songs from 2012's Food & Liquor 2. However, taken out of context, the messages are confusing, and offensive. Considering how much back and forth there has been with Lupe related to Iggy Azalea's recent Twitter spats, it was definitely a controversial set of tweets to fire out.

The outcry on Twitter has been strong with people calling out Lupe for the Tweets:

Whether you agree with the antics or not, you can't argue with the results; the people are talking about Lupe.