Lupe Fiasco’s third album, Lasers, has been delayed multiple times. With no release date in sight, the Chicago MC’s devoted followers announced over the weekend plans to protest outside of the offices of Atlantic Records, Fiasco's label home. recently caught up with the man known within Lupe fan circles as SeanTheRobot, who arranged demonstration and who founded the fansite LupE.N.D. in 2007 shortly before the release of Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, where he is now one of eight contributors.

“We've been waiting so long for this album, and Atlantic Records has been holding it back for such a long time without releasing any info about it, that now it's just time to do something and to go out on the streets and to protest,” he told “Everyone can sit behind a PC and sign an online petition,” he continued, referencing an online petition started in July, which ultimately gained 28,000 signatures. “That's probably not really impressing anyone at the label; but having people going out on the streets, protesting for something they believe in, that's a much bigger statement.”

The rally is set to go down on October 15, which quickly became known on the Internet as #FiascoFriday. According to Sean, whose site Lupe chose to drop his mixtape, Enemy of the State: A Love Story, last November, the date was chosen both because it gives people time to prepare and because the date, 10/15, is numerically reminiscent of Fiasco’s 1st and 15th label.

He and others involved are currently working on locking down the two necessary permits, one for the picket and one for outdoor amplified sound.

Lupe Tweeted that he would be at the event, although Sean has not spoken with him. “#FiascoFriday huh?!?...” he wrote. “[W]ell if y'all there...I guess I gotta be there too! Ha! Leggo!”

“The goal is to put more pressure on the people at Atlantic who are responsible for the release of the album,” said Sean, explaining that the idea picked up steam on the Lupe section of the Kanye West fan site “We want them to see that there are a lot of people who stand behind Lupe and who are willing to go a long way for him and for the things he stands for," he added. "I've heard of people who are gonna fly to New York or make a road trip to be there on October 15, that just shows you how dedicated his fans are. And Atlantic will see that, too. They can't just ignore that and move on if there's a bit of humanity left in their corporate bodies. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get Lasers released ASAP.”

The exact time of the protest is still to be determined, though Sean says it will likely be in the early afternoon. Once a time is set, it will be made available on the event’s Facebook page, where all other info on the day can be found, as well. —Adam Fleischer