Lupe Fiasco is steady gunning for that number one spot. The Chicago rapper recently blessed fans with two new bangers via his Twitter page. One is called "KJazz" and the other is titled "Black Power L Word."

As the name implies, "KJazz" finds Lupe snapping over a lush jazz score. "If you rolling around Los Angeles right now. This one right here is for you," he says on the intro of the cut. The visual shows a fly over shot of L.A. at night.

"Black Power L Word" is more serious, and catches the Windy City MC in militant mode. Lu fittingly plays this track over black and white footage of the Black Panther Party marching.

The new songs come on the heels of Lu venting about his place in the rap pantheon. A couple days ago, the "Running From President" rapper hopped on Twitter to express his thoughts on being one of the best lyricists ever. "When it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you'd be very hard pressed 2say I'm not one of the best ever #TBE for real," he wrote. "I don't say that to boast just a recognition of the work I've put in on the pen going on nearly 20 years non stop...I have nearly every accolade there is to have in the music business the only thing left is to be the GOAT Lyricist & that's the pace I'm on," he added.

Check out Lu's new songs below.

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