Lupe Fiasco won a Grammy in 2008 for his song "Daydreamin'" with Jill Scott, which won for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. The Grammys that year recognized music made in 2007, and at a recent show in Cincinnati, Lupe delivered an acceptance speech for the award. As he tells it, the Grammy was sent to his lawyer as that was the name on his Grammy account, meaning it only recently into Lupe's possession.

"In nine years, I’ve only seen this one time," he says. "My lawyer had it in her garage for nine years. And for various reason." He then explains how he picked up the award himself in New York on the way to Cincinnati, saying, "This is literally, the first time on a stage in front of people, that I was able to [holds it up] and like do a speech."

Lupe then thanks the city of Cincinnati, his home of Chicago, his business partner and brother Chilly Chill and his mother, and ends by thanking his father who passed away.

"When I was a little kid, my father told me, we was driving through Chicago, and he used to say 'You see all these buildings? You can take all these buildings and if you put ‘em together they’ll turn into a robot.’" he said. "From that point, that was the initial point where all of my creative energies and fascination with telling stories and putting things together  and seeng the potential of the world and the potential of people o become things fantastically beyond there wildest dreams. So I wrote a song about it and the song is this song right here."

The DJ then plays the beginning chords of "Daydream." Watch his acceptance speech up above.

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