Yesterday (Dec. 24), Freddie Gibbs let loose the Instagram heard 'round-the-world, calling Lupe Fiasco "a bitch ass nigga" after the Chicago rapper tweeted photos of himself in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. (Though the video from which the screen shot came was released in 2012, the stills were evidently promotion for Lupe's upcoming Tetsuo & Youth.)

Gibbs went on to clarify his thoughts, summarizing them nicely when he tweeted "I agree with some of the positive things lupe [sic] says, but the way the nigga try to prove a point is senseless and irresponsible."

Now, it seems like the two have patched things up. Late last night, Lupe began by defending himself--sometimes angrily--against Gibbs; by the end of the exchange, the two were trading secret Midwestern daps. Follow Lupe's train of thought below, and see Gibbs' responses at the end: