Lupe Fiasco has been getting a lot of buzz lately. After being named music director for the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team, the Chicago rapper found himself under scrutiny for questioning Kendrick Lamar’s lyricism which even caused a Twitter war with rapper Disaster.  But that hasn’t stopped Lupe from calling out other rappers. In a recent interview with MTV News he explained the role Drake played in his song “Drizzy Law.”

The song first made its debut at a Lupe concert last year. During the performance Lupe told all of the men in the audience to turn their heads while he spoke directly to the ladies. It started a inside joke on Twitter called “North Scorea” but may stir up some controversy when it appears on his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth.

“We noticed that the guys were hating so we set up a law where we only [talked] to the ladies, and it was called “Drizzy’s Law,’” said Lupe, who recently interviewed with Katie Couric. “It’s definitely gonna make the album.”

When asked if he would put Drake on the song he partially inspired Lupe said it would be up to Drizzy.“I don’t think [Drake] would do it but the offer is open,” he explained. “We’ll probably change the name of it from ‘Drizzy’s Law’ to ‘Lupe’s Law,’ or something, just so people don’t take it the wrong way. [Because at first] it was only meant to be on my locked Twitter page.”

[via MTV]