Lupe Fiasco released his seventh studio album Drogas Wave today (Sept. 21) and the 24-track project's production credits feature a range of longtime collaborators.

Soundtrakk, whose work with Fiasco dates back to "Kick, Push" and other tracks on the Chicago rapper's 2006 debut album Food & Liquor, produced or co-produced eight of the new album's songs.

Lupe paid his respects to the beatsmith on Twitter yesterday. "Without you there is no lupe fiasco," he wrote. "You bring the best out of me and you put your foot all over this album. Responsible for yet another masterpiece. Always an honor. Enjoy it bro."

Drogas Wave opens with a poem by violinist Rosy Timms, who was featured heavily on Fiasco's 2015 album Tetsuo & Youth. Timms produced and features on all four of the new project's spoken word interstitials. DJ Dahi and Kanye West collaborator S1 ("Power," "Murder to Excellence"), both of whom also contributed to Tetsuo & Youth, produced one song and three songs here, respectively.

The new album also features a guest verse and three beats by Simon Sayz, whose work with Fiasco dates back to 2009's The Cool.

Lupe described Drogas Wave in a press release as a concept album telling the the story of "a group of slaves that jumped off of a slave ship" who survived and "spent the rest of their underwater existence sinking slave ships."

View the album's full production credits below.

Lupe Fiasco's Drogas Wave Album Production Credits

1. "In the Event of Typhoon" (produced by Rosy Timms)
2. "Drogas" (produced by Soundtrakk and Davin "Christopher Killumbus" Boykin)
3. "Manilla" (produced by Freeway TJay)
4. "Gold vs. The Right Things To Do" (produced by S1)
5. "Slave Ship (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
6. "WAV Files" (produced by Soundtrakk)
7. "Down" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
8. "Haile Selassie" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
9. "Alan Forever" featuring Crystal Torres (produced by Davin "Christopher Killumbus" Boykin)
10. "Helter Skelter (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timss)
11. "Stronger" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
12. "Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by S1 and Cardiak)
13. "XO" featuring Troi Irons (produced by Simon Sayz)
14. "Don’t Mess Up The Children (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
15. "Jonylah Forever" (produced by Soundtrakk)
16. "Kingdom" featuring Damian Marley (produced by DJ Dahi)
17. "Baba Kwesi (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
18. "Imagine" featuring Simon Sayz and Crystal Torres (produced by Simon Sayz)
19. "Stack That Cheese" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Floss and Fame)
20. "Cripple" featuring Elena Pindehughes (produced by Soundtrakk)
21. "King Nas" (produced by Soundtrakk)
22. "Quotations From Chairman Fred" featuring Nikki Jean and Bishop Edgar Jackson (produced by S1)
23. "Happy Timbuck2 Day" (produced by Simon Sayz)
24. "Mural Jr." (produced by Johnny Thomas Jr.)

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