LULBIGBROTHER'S "Break It Up" is one of the catchiest records out of the DMV in a minute, and today he premieres the new remix featuring Innanet James exclusively on XXL. You can listen to it above.

"The Inspiration for the song comes me just being from D.C. I wanted to make a song that celebrated our culture and at the same time get people who are not from here hip to the lingo, the style, demeanor of a typical guy from D.C.," LULBIGBROTHER tells XXL. "If you break down my verse you'll hear simple phrases and words that only people from the DMV will catch and people who aren't from here will hear it and ask, 'hey what does moe mean' or 'what is a half and half' thus spark an interest in them to find out."

As for why he chose Innanet for the remix, he says it's because James is "an artist from the area whose music I really like. I respect the moves he's been making and in talking to him, I found out we both have this mission to put our city on so it made sense. Plus he already liked the original so that helped."

Both artists have new projects dropping soon, so check the remix above for now while we patiently wait. Plus, read our interview with Innanet James from last year.

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