Lucki (formerly known as a Lucki Ecks) stepped away from the scene for a minute, but made a triumphant return in 2017. Back in March, the Chicago rapper reentered the conversation by teaming up with Levi Carter for the haunting "Feels Like Death." Now, he is back with a full-length project for all the fans who have patiently waited for him to reemerge.

The talented MC's new release is titled Watch My Back. The project is a true solo effort with no guest appearances on the 17 tracks. Production is handled by Plu2o Nash, Grimm Doza, Forza, F1lthy, Gnealz, UglyFriend, DZY, 6Below, Ravi and Lil Voe.

Check out the tracklist and SoundCloud stream for Lucki's new project below. You can also download Watch My Back for free via DatPiff.

Lucki’s Watch My Back Tracklist

1. “Miss Me” (prod. by Grimm Doza)
2. “Are U Wit Me” (prod. by Gnealz)
3. “Owe Me” (prod. by Forza)
4. “Komfortable” (prod. by 6Below)
5. “BPRHNT” (prod. by Ravi)
6. “Leave Wit You” (prod. by Plu2o Nash)
7. “Expectations” (prod. by F1lthy)
8. “THANK GOD YA WIT ME” (prod. by F1lthy)
9. “Fast Car” (prod. by Plu2o Nash)
10. “Dirty You” (prod. by UglyFriend)
11. “No Wok” (prod. by Plu2o Nash and Mayhem Meech)
12. “Options” (prod. by F1lthy)
13. “Now To Me” (prod. by Lil Voe)
14. “Owe A Nigga” (prod. by Plu2o Nash)
15. “Waiting on Pink” (prod. by DZY)
16. “Showtime” (prod. by Plu2o Nash)
17. “Over” (prod. by UglyFriend)

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