Lucki Ecks is throwing up his middle fingers and addressing those who don't click with him on this brand new banger. “Fuck Everybody” is a record that speaks volumes in the sense of someone not caring who has their back and who doesn’t. Lucki has made it quite clear that it doesn’t bother him about who’s in his corner. Listen to the F1LTHY-produced track below.

“I hope you know what I'm into/All that talkin’ a get you/All that barkin’ I’ll sit you,” Lucki Ecks spits. “I’m a pull up, what’s the issue?/Hollywood Hills with a glock and a rental/Live by what I say, if I caused it I meant to/She do what I said, it could all be so simple/Who you came with, I’m a rob you and him to.”

A few weeks ago, Lucki dropped a song called “Feels Like Death” where he teamed up with Levi Carter. The record captures both MCs rapping about depression and drug use. The other day, the Chicago rapper released his video for “No Wok,” a song he dropped along with “Komfortable” at the beginning of the month. Lucki Ecks' mixtape Watch My Back is set to drop April 10.

Listen to “Fuck Everybody” Below.

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