Lucki's back in his bag. Last Thursday (April 12), the Chicago artist unloaded his new Days B4 II EP, a six-track effort that includes plenty of memorable bars from Lucki and absolutely zero features.

Using the ambient "Root of All" as the launching point for the new project, Lucki's latest begins with a nearly literal whisper as his unique delivery melts into the atmospheric instrumental.

"That's incredible, I move like the weather do, aye/While we up in the night, make up something special boo, aye/You call him your shooter, I know him, he'll tell on you, aye/What that bread'll do, I change like the weather do, aye/I got thin blood, I go where the weather cool, aye/I'm on big drugs, I'm leaning with healthy food, aye/Dude, what is love, your family is vultures too, aye" Lucki spits on the track. There's much more where those calm, collected, stream-of-consciousness flows come from, too.

See what else is good with Lucki's new project for yourself below. If you're feeling it, cop the EP on iTunes. Give a listen to his equally dope earlier track, "4everybody," when you're done.

Lucki's Tracklist Days B4 II Tracklist

1. "Root of All"
2. "After"
3. "Switchlanes"
4. "Rights"
5. "Distant"
6. "Facts Only" (Bonus)


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