Chicagos's Lucki has been building momentum on his own over the years, and his latest track is sure to continue the trend. His new song "4everybody" may be a sign that he has more music on the way.

The warbling beat of "4everybody," produced by Marcus Basquiat, is the perfect soundscape for Lucki to spin his story of drugs and romance. Lucki swings effortlessly between rapping about his addictions and his feelings for a woman in his life; the similarities are clear.

"I just spend, I need friends, I need feelings too/Quit them Xans, now them tens just be hailing you," Lucki raps in his unique drawl. "They be better, you’re just high, I know everything/I play dumb, I’m in love, tell me anything/I need you, gave my plug a new wedding ring/Too much mist, in the sun, I just let it rain/Too much feelings in my phone, I just let it ring/You know me, I’m for you, tell me anything."

Lucki has been rapping for a while now, and first got noticed in 2013. Since then, he has worked with Danny Brown and Chance The Rappper, whom he calls a friend. Lucki also had an active 2017, releasing the song and video, "No Wok," and also freeing "Special," a collaboration with, whom he once had issues with.

All of Lucki's ground work culminated in the release of his project, Watch My Back, in May of last year.

Listen to Lucki's latest below.


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