The latest episode of Love & Hip Hop picks up where last week's left off; at Yandy's girls-day-out with Kimbella and Juju. Yandy has a big confession to reveal and admits that she didn't send the paperwork off to make her marriage official because of a concern about her finances due to Mendeecees' legal troubles. Yandy also says that regardless of not being legally married to Mendeecees, she still maintains the role and title of being his wife.

Mariah Lynn meets up with Cardi B and gives her a play-by-play of what happened with Bianca at her showcase. But as their conversation goes on, Mariah Lynn gets a text from her sister, who she's been taking care of for the past two months. Apparently, the arrangement has not been as convenient as Mariah Lynn had hoped and it is taking a toll on her stress levels.

DJ Self, Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz talk about what happened between Self and Cisco at their sit-down. When DJ Self tells the Creep Squad that he took it upon himself to kick Cisco out of the crew, the guys are in full agreement with DJ Self's bold decision. Peter Gunz also has a bone to pick with Cisco, due to the fact that he botched an appearance Peter Gunz was set to take for a large sum of money, in an attempt to hurt his business flow. The situation, which has the potential to become combustible, will be handled at a later date, as Peter has every intention of taking Cisco to task for his actions.

Remy Ma links up with Juju and discusses her desire to lessen Papoose's managerial load so that he can focus more on his own endeavors. She also says that although she wants to be a mother, she feels that the timing is not right, but that if she had the extra assistance, the transition could be easier.

Mendeecees calls Yandy and she lets him know that she never sent off the marriage certificate, which appears to be news to him. Mendeecees becomes agitated with her actions. When Mendeecees says that he wants Yandy to send off the paperwork and inquires about the reasoning behind her decision, Yandy fails to come clean, instead skirting around telling the truth, leading Mendeecees to hang up the phone on her, a clear sign that there is trouble in paradise.

Mariah Lynn has an issue with her sister Victoria's lackadaisical ways and her lack of accountability when it comes to Victoria's son. She decides to sit down with her sister to discuss the situation. Mariah Lynn pleads her case to Victoria and says that her intentions and critique is only meant to bring their family closer together. She also reveals that she feels that Victoria's immaturity has also been taking a toll on their mother, who has been battling drug addiction and health problems. The two share a warm embrace, and it appears that their relationship may be improving for the better.

Remy Ma and Papoose share an intimate picnic, but while Remy Ma is turning on the charm, Papoose has a feeling that his wife has a trick up her sleeve. Papoose is proved right, as Remy drops the bomb of her intentions to bring somebody else in to be her manager, but Papoose is resistant to the idea of relinquishing his role and is skeptical of another manager having the ability to steer her career. He also feels slightly betrayed after it's revealed that Remy already found a prospective manager, without his input or consent. However, Remy remains steadfast in her decision to change course and relieves Papoose of his duties.

Erika has been furious with Yandy since being locked out of her own apartment and is hell-bent on settling the score, leading her to speak with a lawyer so that she can better understand her rights. But, when the lawyer drops the tidbit that Yandy and Mendeecees may not be married, that news that is a delight to Samantha and Erika. The two revel in the possibility of Yandy being caught in a web of lies.

J. Adrienne has reassessed her breakup with Snoop and is having regrets about how their relationship ended. The Chicagoan is back in New York and pops ups on Snoop, who is working with one of the first signees to her Gorgeous Gangsta imprint. Snoop's former boo wants to rekindle their friendship, if not their relationship. J. Adrienne says that she wants to help Snoop out with her Gorgeous Gangsta record label. Although Snoop is unsure of what to make of her former lover's proposition, she decides to give her a chance. Later, J. Adrienne introduces Snoop to an artist she feels would be a great addition to the label, Sofi Green, the very woman she was previously at war with. The move proves to be a win. Even though Sofi will be in competition with other Gorgeous Gangsta prospects for slot-time, the move looks to have validated J. Adrienne's attempt to join forces with Snoop.

Peter Gunz sits down DJ Self, Rich Dollaz and Cisco in an attempt to air out their differences. When Peter brings up Cisco stopping the deal he had in place in New Orleans, which Cisco readily admits to blocking, things get testy. Peter says that he was the one to call the meeting between the Creep Squad members and says that the issue between them can be resolved if Cisco apologizes and pays him back the money he believes Cisco owes him. But, when Cisco says that an apology will never happen and calls Peter Gunz's bluff by saying that if he wants his money, Peter Gunz should come and get it, all hell breaks loose, as Peter dives across the table in an attempt to attack Cisco, who mocks Peter Gunz as security restrains him. The meeting officially puts the nail in the coffin for Cisco's inclusion in the Creep Squad and serves as the latest beef in this season of Love & Hip Hop New York.

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