The latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta centers on Joseline, who is eight months pregnant. She's eager to deliver her baby and is in a festive mood, as she is in the thick of planning an extravagant baby shower. When Joseline says that she wants strippers at her baby shower and a provocative cake, the party planners balk at the suggestion, but agree on the catering aspects, leading them to agree to help bring Joseline’s vision to life.

After getting the ball rolling on her baby shower, Joseline speaks with her brother, Kirby, who is also expecting a baby with his girlfriend—Joseline has concerns about her. She doesn’t want Kirby to be a deadbeat father and put his baby's mother in the same position she feels Stevie J has put her in as a single mother. Kirby says that he's gonna continue his college education and gt a job to support his family.

Tamika, who's an obstetrician, visits Joseline to speak about the impending birth of her child. Joseline says that she wants a water birth and doesn’t want to deliver her at a hospital. She remains apprehensive about delivering her baby and voices her concerns about giving birth and the health of her child. However, Tamika insists that Joseline remain calm and that everything will be fine. When Joseline begins to become fearful, other women in her pregnancy support group assure her that a water birth is not dangerous and is a simple procedure. After Joseline says that she has never held a baby, Tamika gifts her with a toy baby to get Joseline prepared for what she can expect in regards to comforting and feeding her child.

In an attempt to keep her body in shape during her pregnancy, Joseline has hired a trainer named Jason to assist her in her workout. When asked how long she has to wait until she's able to get back in the gym, Jason says that the average time is six weeks, but says that Joseline should be good to go in four weeks time. The conversation takes a raunchy twist when Joseline suggests that Jason should have sex with her pregnant friend Nicki, an offer that Jason immediately jumps at. Jason, who apparently has a fetish for pregnant women, answers Joseline’s questions about her experiences with pregnant ladies, which makes Joseline even more excited to see Nicki. Flying in from L.A. to take care of Joseline and have a little fun in the bedroom with her, she provides moral support to her friend.

Joseline is getting an ultrasound and is surrounded by family and friends. Kirby and the rest of her family have flown down to Atlanta to help her prepare for life as a mother, however, Joseline is preoccupied with her issues controlling the mechanical baby. While she is clearly struggling with staying on top of the task at hand, Joseline says that she is determined to get an A from Tamika and learn how to be the best mother that she can be. Becoming closer with her mother in recent years, Joseline confides in her for advice and says that she appreciates her mother's presence in her life.

When Joseline meets up with the party promoters, she is adamant about having strippers at her party and becomes upset when it appears with what her demands have not been met. But when the two sides become at odds over whether ballerinas or strippers will be used, Joseline puts her foot down and says that the strippers will be there, which delights Mimi, but rubs Shonni, who is trying to protect their brand  However, when Shonni handles the catering and gains Joseline’s approval, all sides finally agree on the direction that the planning for her party is going in, prompting Joseline to give a toast to show her gratitude.

The baby shower that Joseline has feverishly been planning finally comes to fruition and the night is all that she ever imagined. In addition to all of her friends and family being in attendance, Yung Dro and Mariah Lynn both give live performances, and Mama Dee and Joseline’s close friend Dawn also showed up to the baby shower, with both women sharing special words of encouragement and support for Joseline as she enters motherhood and the next phase of her life.

Joseline is all set to deliver her baby and is surrounded by Tamika, Dawn and her sister. She's having issues coping with the pain of delivering her child and almost decides to go to the emergency room as a precaution of protecting herself and her baby. However, with a little encouragement, Joseline gives birth to her baby in the confines of her home, completing her long journey to becoming a mother. Although Joseline says that the ordeal was painful, she is thankful for the experience and is happy that her baby is healthy. She remains hopeful that Stevie J will show up to see their newborn daughter, and after informing him that she gave birth, Stevie shows up quickly to be there for his family and share the special moment together, peacefully.

She also makes amends with Stevie J and says that she will not keep him from seeing their daughter and only wants him to provide financially, all of which he agrees to. Although it’s unclear of how the future will play out and if the love shown will eventually be lost. But for now, it appears that Joseline and Stevie J are on good terms and that the ongoing saga that was Joseline’s pregnancy is a thing of the past, leading this episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to help humanize the Peurto Rican Princess and be among the more sentimental ones in recent memory.

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