Paternity tests, fights between the ladies and lovers wanting to come home are all part of this episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Karlie Redd and Ciara have become fast friends during this sixth season, so Karlie stops by the Glam Shop to check on her in the aftermath of the debacle between Ciara, Mariah and Shooter. Ciara says she's kicked Shooter out of their home after finding about his affair with Mariah. She feels genuinely hurt and betrayed by Mariah's actions because she considered her a friend. Ciara gives Karlie a rundown of finding out about Shooter and Mariah from Lovely Mimi during their own argument and the events that transpired when she confronted the two.

Waka Flocka may not be with Tammy Rivera at the moment, but that hasn't stopped him from spending time with her daughter, Charlie, whom he takes out for a day of fun at a local skating rink. In hopes of patching things up between himself and Tammy, Waka gets Charlie's advice on a gift that he can buy for Tammy to get in her good graces. However, Charlie suggests that instead of a gift, he should show his appreciation for her mother by spending time with her, a suggestion Waka takes into consideration.

Tommie is working on turning her alcohol dependency into a positive by starting her own wine company and has invited K.K. King to check out her new product. Although she is supportive of Tommie's new endeavor, K.K. suggests that she get professional help for her drinking problem. In true Tommie fashion, she takes offense and says that she can function professionally and personally while balance her drinking problem.

K.K. says that although her and Tommie are in disagreement over how she should handle her drinking problem, she will always be in her corner and a system of support for her, regardless of her addiction. Tommie shares that she wants to invite her mom to her wine tasting, a thought that K.K. encourages, saying that she feels Tommie and her mother need to make amends and start their relationship anew.

Waka Flocka meets with his mother, Deb Antney, to confide in her about the issues in his and Tammy's relationship. Deb says that Waka has put insecurity in Tammy's heart and that he needs to get his act together and repair his relationship with his wife and daughter, another word of advice that Waka seems to take heed of.

Joseline is skeptical of the validity of Stevie J's DNA test and questions his motives for waiting so long to take it. She has no plans of co-parenting with him and wants to move to Miami with the baby, regardless if Stevie is the father or not.

Yung Joc says that he has taken a backseat from dealing with Karlie in the aftermath of his double date, but Tommie has showed up to show his support for him during one of his performances. Jessica Dime feels that she's in the middle of Karlie, Tommie and Joc's love triangle. She wants to know the status of their relationship. Joc and Tommie both insist that they're just enjoying each other's company, but they don't need to explain themselves because they're both single. When Joc mentions Treasure, Tommie is less than kind, expressing her disdain for her newfound enemy and vowing to teach her a lesson. She also invites Joc to her wine tasting she's having, an invitation which Joc accepts.

Ciara finally sits down with Mariah after their dust-up to get to the bottom of the root of her relationship with Shooter. Mariah claims Shooter came onto her, but Ciara refuses to believe her and begins to insult Mariah before attacking her. This causes security to separate the two. Mariah brags that she had money Shooter gave to her save up and that neither of them will do anything to get retaliation on her.

Tammy talks to her daughter and asks about what happened during her outing with Waka. Charlie says that Waka asked her advice about how to make things up to her mom, but Tammy remains steadfast in keeping her distance from him until she feels the time is right and he's truly ready to change his ways. Charlie trusts Waka and begs Tammy to give him another chance, a request which Tammy seems hesitant to oblige, but plays in Waka's favor.

Joseline and Stevie J both get back the results from his DNA test and it turns out that he is in fact the father of her child. While Stevie wants to meet with Joseline and come to an amicable agreement, she says that she doesn't want him in his child's life. All she wants him to do is to cut her a check for a large sum of money so that they can break ties with each other.

Scrappy and Yung Joc run into Rasheeda while they're out at Tommie's wine tasting event. K.K. King also shows up to lend support, as does Lovely Mimi, who Tommie has struck up a rapport with. Tommie gives a heartfelt speech about all the people who have been in her corner and are supporting her continuous growth, which moves the room. Mimi Faust congratulates Tommie on her growth and encourages her to keep moving forward in positivity, but just when things appear to be peaceful, all hell breaks loose. Tammy and Jessica Dime are at odds and their exchange becomes heating, with the two nearly getting into a physical altercation.

Things continue to go downhill when Tommie begins to take offense to Jessica Dime's affiliation with Joseline. Since she defends Joseline, the two get into their own argument, which eventually gets physical. The friends find themselves on opposite sides of a fight. After things get settled, Tommie apologizes for the mixup between Tammy, herself and Dime. Lovely Mimi apologizes for bringing up Joseline name and sparking the bad blood that swept over the celebratory affair.

Mimi Faust also has a bone to pick once she finds out that Melissa has been playing both sides of the fence by dealing with Joseline while knowing her tenuous history with Mimi. But the surprise of the night occurs when Tommie's mother, who Tommie is currently at odds with, walks into the party out of nowhere and shocks Tommie, as well as the other guests. Her appearance will certainly make the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta must-see TV.

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