After the last episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended with a cliffhanger, Kirk comes clean to Rasheeda about having sex with Jasmine. He could be the father of her child.

When Rasheeda asks him to further explain, Kirk says that although he was sexually involved with Jasmine, they were never in a relationship. He also denies that he rented an apartment for Jasmine in the same apartment complex that he and Rasheeda live in. Rasheeda takes off her ring and puts it on the table, signaling what may be an end to their marriage. Kirk continues to plead his case, but Rasheeda is not interested in reasoning with him and orders him to pack his bags and vacate the premises, put their future as a couple on shaky ground.

Waka Flocka, Yung Joc and Scrappy catch up with one another for a hangout session and to shoot the breeze. Joc lets the fellas know about his bet with Karlie Redd and her request that he pose for her sex book if she wins. Wacka Flocka says that he knows he messed up in regards to his relationship with Tammy Rivera but he wants to reconcile with her. Compared to Joc and Scrappy, Waka is set on being a one-woman man.

Tommie and Tammy Rivera have found kindred spirits in each other. They've been hanging out together, and seem to have hit it off. They attend a fashion show together, but little does Tommie know that there’s trouble brewing around the corner. Jessica Dyme is back in Atlanta and shows up at the fashion show. Tommie, Karlie Redd, Mimi Faust and Tammy Rivera are all in attendance. Tommie has a bone to pick with Karlie Redd. However, she takes the high road and apologizes for her past actions and the two embrace in a hug, but it’s not long before the shade between the two emerges, making it clear there is still bad blood between the two.

Jasmine explains her and Rod have an unconventional relationship. They both are involved with a woman named Keanna, who lives with them. They've been attempting to make things work as a three-person relationship. But in addition to making their relationship work with each other, Rod also says that he’s suspicious of Keanna’s own dealings -- she was previously romantically involved with Kirk. Keanna assures Rod she no longer has feelings for Kirk -- she cut all communication off with him. Rod apparently heard rumors of Mimi throwing dirt on his name and he doesn’t understand where her issues with him stem from. Jasmine and Keanna suggest that he address the issues with Mimi head on, which he agrees with.

Stevie J says that he’s unsure if he’s the father of Joseline’s child so he’s taking a DNA test to get to the bottom of the truth. She also shows disdain toward Joseline and feels that she has ulterior motives. The producer feels she will use her child against him if he turns out to be the father.

Waka Flocka is determined to get his family back and shows up to his and Tammy’s home in an attempt to make things work. Although Waka promises that he’s changed and willing to make things work, Tammy isn’t ready to let Waka back into her life. She needs to believe he’s committed to becoming a changed man.

Jessica Dyme has taken a liking to Tommie and invites her out to have a drink. The two find that they have a common enemy in Joseline, but Jessica Dyme’s attempt to broker peace between Tommie and Karlie Redd. Jessica Dyme invites Tommie on a double date, an invitation which Tommie accepts.

Rodney shows up to his meeting with Mimi to address her recent statements about him and the reunion is by no means a warm one. Mimi still has ill will towards Rod and is not slow to express it, although Rod denies being responsible for any wrongdoing in Mimi’s life. As the conversation progresses, Mimi inquires about Kirk’s child with Jasmine, and Rod, who is looking to clear his name and show that he’s not running any scam, has brought along Jasmine and Keanna to share their own tales about Kirk.

Jasmine and Keeana give a rundown of their dealings with Kirk, but Mimi's companion, Melissa, refuses to believe their words and questions whether their claims are all a hoax. This leads the two parties to get in an argument and end the sitdown on bad terms.

In an attempt to make sense of Kirk’s extramarital dealings, Rasheeda confides in Tammy Rivera, who is someone she feels can relate to her pain. Still in disbelief of Kirk’s actions, Rasheeda expresses her grief and begins to cry while discussing the situation, as Tammy provides emotional support and advice.

When it's time for Jessica Dyme and Tommie’s double date, the latter has a trick up her sleeve that will even the score between her and Karlie Redd. Tommie, much to the surprise of Jessica Dyme, shows up with Yung Joc as her date, an obvious ploy to get back at Karlie for her fling with Scrapp. This is a move sure to create fireworks between the two moving forward.

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