Due to the excessive amount of altercations throughout this past season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the cast members have been split up into different groups for the reunion special. Part one starts off with all of the cast members speaking their peace on how they feel about Joseline Hernandez, with KK King and Karlie Redd alluding to her having an addiction to cocaine. Joseline, in turn, shoots back at Karlie Redd with her own jabs, the two cast members make it clear that their friendship is a thing of the past.

Mimi Faust refuses to speak to Joseline, let alone be in the same room, but admits that she doesn't regret making amends with Joseline and did it for her daughters sake. Mimi also admits that she was fooled by Joseline's tearful moment during her false testimonial regarding Stevie J and his alleged secret family.

KK King and her family are feared in the street, but her and Sass maintain that they view it as more of a respect for how they handle their business. It is then revealed that KK King appeared at an event that Joseline was at and may have meant bodily harm against Joseline, who fellow cast members say looked fearful for her life.

Joseline reveals that she heard that KK King and Stevie J had relations from Stevie himself and begins to berate KK, who attempts to attack Joseline to show her who's boss before security intervenes. Joseline puts KK on blast by telling her to stop stealing and get a job.

While their interaction during the previous season was nonexistent, K Michelle and Mimi Faust both maintain that there is bad blood between them and that they prefer to have no contact with each other. K Michelle also has a few words for Jessica Dime, who she's also not fond of and had beef with in this season.

Bambi, Scrappy, and Betty Idol's love-triangle is also a topic of discussion during the reunion. When asked what made Scrappy want to collab with Betty in the first place, Scrappy slips and admits that he thinks Betty Idol is a beautiful person, a statement which draws the ire of his fiancee, Bambi. Momma Dee admits that she was interested to see what would become of a relationship between Betty Idol and Scrappy, but has come to embrace Bambi over time. Bambi accuses Betty Idol of being enemies with her due to her attraction to Scrappy, but Betty Idol says that her beef was actually with Tammy and not Bambi. Betty Idol says that her and Scrappy never slept together, but Bambi is clearly ready for battle and continues to deride Betty Idol, as Scrappy looks on.

As far as her own friction with Bambi, Jessica Dime claims that she was trying to joke with Bambi about Scrappy attempting to woo her on the rebound, but according to the clips shown, her reasoning is sure to fall on deaf ears.

Joseline, who was at odds with Stevie J for much of the season, says that Stevie J lied and disrespected her, and that he's not man enough to admit his truths. Stevie J says that their marriage rumor started from a magazine and he decided to run with it to keep Joseline happy. He also admits that the photo Joseline took with Rick Ross rubbed him the wrong way and that no wife of his would conduct herself in that fashion.

The host addresses Tommie's accusations of being banned from attending the reunion. In fact, Tommie wasn't banned but has a warrant out for her arrest, therefore the show couldn't pay for her flight (it's against the law). Luckily for Tommie though, the reunion took place in Atlanta, so no flight was necessary. That's when Tommie's 32 mugshots were brought into play and she admits there could be more.

Tommie's relationship with Scrapp and her comments about Stevie J may have appeared to be conniving, but admits that something sexual went down between her and Joseline. Tommie denies that her and Stevie J had any sexual contact with each other and no threesome ever occurred. It's also revealed that Joseline put out a order of protection against Tommie, which comes as a shock to the whole cast. But when Joseline got wind of Stevie J stopping by Tommie's apartment, Tommie alleges that Joseline was the one that called the cops on her. Joseline maintains that is a lie. In regards to the Puerto Rican Princess' order of protection against Tommie, the Love & Hip-Hop reunion host brings up the topic of Tommie's attempt to run Joseline over with a car, which occurred in recent months.

Joseline says she feels unappreciated and that she was mistreated by Stevie J and that they are over and there is no chance of a reconciliation between the two. But in a twist of fate, at the end of the reunion, a monster of a revelation comes in the form of Joseline's possible pregnancy. The news serves as the perfect cliffhanger to a hell of a reunion, but fans will have to wait until Part Two next week to find out for sure if Stevie J and Joseline's bond is one that will never be broken. Is Stevie J the father of Joseline's baby?

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