The new season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta got off to a big bang in the first episode, introducing Mimi Faust's new love interest, Chris; KK King and her sons, Scrapp and Sass; as well as Scrapp's baby mother, Tiarra, and his girlfriend, Tommie. The second episode picks up where the first left off, at Chris' birthday party.

Tiarra tells the girls that she works in finance in addition to bartending, but the conversation immediately takes a turn for the worst when Tommie asks Tiarra when she has the time to be a mom in between all of her endeavors.

The question takes Tiarra by surprise and gives her the sense that Tommie knows more about her than she's letting on and asks her what's the reason for all of her inquiries. Tommie reveals that she's been sleeping with Scrapp and has been around Tiarra's son as well. The news causes Tiarra to throw a drink at Tommie, who in turn goes on the attack. The fight causes a ruckus in the party and leads to both being escorted out.

After the fight, Tiarra spends some time recuperating in the hospital. She also discovers that Tommie has been arrested over 30 times. Adding fuel to the fire, Tiarra's child appears in a social media post with Tommie. This leads Tiarra to confront Scrapp about the situation. If he doesn't change his ways, she'll have to take her kids and move on. Scrapp admits he's been seeing Tommie for a year and that their son has been around her. Tiarra says that Scrapp won't be seeing his kids again unless he tells Tommie that she's his girl and wants to be present when it happens.

KK King meets up with Tommie and the two talk about the fight. Although Tommie contends that she didn't mean to fight Tiarra, she admits she's quite pleased that she ended up the victor. KK has a grudge against Tiarra for informing the police about her whereabouts while she was on the run and was the reason she was apprehended, and wants Tiarra out of Scrapp's life. After giving a play-by-play of the fight, KK advises Tommie to attempt to ingratiate herself to Scrapp and the two bond in their conspiracy to break up Scrapp and Tiarra's relationship.

Scrapp admits he's still sleeping with Tiarra, which angers Tommie, who calls Scrapp a liar and says he's disloyal. Scrapp wants Tommie and Tiarra to sit down and hash out their differences so that he can see his son again. He also agrees to stop sleeping with Tiarra and only be with Tommie moving forward, which contradicts the ultimatum Tiarra gave him.

Mimi is preparing to move into a new house with her daughter and Ariane and Chris come over to help her back. When Ariane asks if Mimi is a lesbian, she says "No" and contends that since she identifies as a woman and Chris identifies as a male, that they're not in a lesbian relationship. Ariane continues to question Mimi about her sexuality and relationship, which rubs Chris the wrong way, but she decides not to cause a scene and takes the interrogation in stride.

Rasheeda says and her Kirk's relationship is flourishing. They've even moved into his old bachelor pad. She gives Kirk the scoop on Mimi's new girlfriend, Chris, and the fight at the club between Tommie and Tiarra. Kirk also takes issue with Scrappy's mother coming to their shop to share her thoughts on why they failed to support Scrappy during his child support hearing. Scrappy and Kirk haven't talked since before his court appearance and Kirk tells Rasheeda he plans to set things straight with him.

Scrappy and Yung Joc go to the radio station for an interview to speak on their recent ventures. The radio hosts asks Scrappy about being seen at a club with a lady and if that will be a conflict in his and Bambi's relationship, to which he reveal they are no longer together. He also talks about his modeling company and catches a few jokes about it due to his history with women. He maintains that he's keeping things all business and offers Yung Joc a position at Scrappy's modeling company. Joc will only accept if Scrappy allows him to flirt with Taylor, his sexy assistant.

Scrappy admits that he has reservations about letting Joc into his business, but is confident that they can be on their best behavior. However, Joc has other intentions. The rapper approaches Taylor and attempts to put on his charm and get her on board as one of his contenders. Taylor says that it would be a conflict of interest, but Joc continues to press and ends up being successful in his efforts.

Kirk shows up to the modeling call and confronts Scrappy about his mother's antics. Scrappy says that he told his mother he would handle the situation and that he didn't tell her to go to their store. Scrappy airs his grievances over Kirk not showing up to his court case. Then Kirk tells Scrappy he shouldn't have put him in the position to testify against Erica being that her and Rasheeda are friends.

When Scrappy asks if she and Kirk even really wanted to come in the first place, Kirk admits that his heart was never in it. Scrappy says that if Kirk didn't want to support him then they should break ties, which Kirk agrees to do, effectively ending their friendship.

D. Smith is a writer and producer who has worked with Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne, but is transitioning into being a model. She's in Atlanta for a fashion show in support of breast cancer awareness and intends to make a great first impression in the modeling world. Bambi, Scrappy's on-and-off girlfriend, is also a model in the show and has been making her own moves in the fashion world. Tammy is also in attendance in search of new talent for her clothing line and takes notice of D. Smith, who she feels may be a possible fit.

Betty Idol, who is D. Smith's old friend, shows up, but she seems to dislike Bambi since she has a connection to Scrappy. Apparently Bambi called up Scrappy while Betty was with him and he seemed to be hiding his fling with her. Betty also has ill words for Tammy due to Waka Flocka's statements against same-sex marriage. She says she plans to voice her thoughts if they ever run into each other.

Tammy links with D. Smith to talk about modeling for her company and when she reveals that she's been transitioning from male-to-female, Tammy is open to working with her in light of Waka Flocka's views. She questions Tammy about Waka Flocka's statements but his wife reveals that his words were misinterpreted and that it was spurred by his daughter being exposed to Caitlyn Jenner. D. Smith doesn't seem completely satisfied with her explanation, but respects how she handled the situation.

So D. Smith decides to put her feelings aside and deal with Tammy, but says that she's too busy to model at this time, but thinks that her friend, Betty Idol, could be a good match for the clothing line. Not long into their meeting, Tammy mentions Bambi, which upsets Betty and the lunch gets tense after the topic of Waka Flocka comes up.

When Tammy asks Betty how she felt about Waka's interview, Betty says that she thinks his comments were rude -- she doesn't buy Tammy's explanation. The two begin to go back-and-forth and clash. There's no chance that they will ever deal with each other again. Tammy then throws glasses at Betty Idol and begins to attack, turning what was intended to be a business meeting into a royal rumble.

Stay tuned for next week's madness on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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