Gucci Mane continues to connect with the new generation of Atlanta hip-hop. One of Guwop's latest connections is his collaboration with Lotto Savage. The two linked up for a remix of Lotto's "Trapped It Out." Now, the rappers are back together for the song's music video.

The visual sees Lotto Savage and Gucci Mane taking over a frat house. The duo throws their own house party while the actual residents are left out from the fun.

Gucci Mane has focused on understanding the current crop of Atlanta rappers since he returned from prison. The "Lemonade" rapper told XXL that the music may not be something he truly enjoys, but he supports everyone making moves in the scene.

"There’s a different sound to some of the stuff that’s going on," Gucci said. "I’m forcing myself to like it because, it’s different. It’s not what I grew up listening to. It’s not the stuff I would generally play in my car, but if everybody else like it, who am I to say they’re stupid or that they’re wrong? …Yeah, so that’s kinda how it ended up, like if I keep saying that it’s stupid, then that means the next four, five artists that’s hot, I don’t sign them. I don’t got no part in what they got going on because I alienate myself. So, I’m forcing myself to see what’s going on now. I be like, They’re creative. They’re smart. They’re marketing themselves. They some little geniuses. That’s how I’m thinking now, so when I see them, 'Hey, I like what you got going on' and I’m not being fake about it even if I’m not the biggest fan of their music or whatever."

Make sure to check out XXL's fall issue, which features a cover story on Gucci Mane. Guwop addresses such topics as his relationship with Young Thug and how he got off drugs.

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