Loso Loaded drops "Madden," his first release off his upcoming self-titled mixtape that features Yakki, Lotto SavageCa$h Out, Johnny Cinco and members of Loso’s Viking Life group: Psych 36OZ, VL Derty and VL Woe. The Bases Loaded Records (Ca$h Out, Lotto Savage) artist plans on dropping the tape this summer. "Madden' is produced by TrapBoyzOnTheBeat.

The song features Loso rapping about getting money and putting in work. "First I wake up in the morning and go count some racks/I might pull up to your main thang, tell her blow me back/Whippin' chickens in this kitchen tell her take a nap/When it's dry tell'em come and get it, make them play like Madden/And I'm back to back to back chasing money nigga," he raps on the hook.

The Zone 4 Atlanta rapper is starting to make a name for himself outside of the south. He has already caught major attention with his contributions on the Metro Boomin’ produced tracks “2 Many” and “On Fleek,” and now is ready to make a splash with his upcoming mixtape. Loso could be up next.

“I’m not wearing any dresses or painting my nails or anything like that,” Loso said in a press release. “But I have a different mindset. I’m putting out a more fun, good, soulful image. I’m more animated and not scared to be different.”

Bump "Madden" above.

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