Hustle Gang's London Jae is yet another talent under the wing of T.I., with his new song showing he chose the right team. "Back in My Bag" is his latest offering, all about getting re-focused on the cash.

"Back in My Bag" is an upbeat take on how fly one man can get, crafted by producer Yung Lan. The production also makes pretty crafty use of a violin, dropped into a spot on the beat where it nearly drives the song.

"Ice on fleek/Price ain't cheap, your bitch on me," London raps, in a nearly singing tone. He finishes the flex off with "Brand new coupe, drive the bitch on E." He also rhymes, "Fuckin' up racks and sacks/Fuckin' up a sack in Saks/Fuck me up a sack, get it back/Double up the pack, count a rack," while staying perfectly on beat.

London has done his part to stay on the radar, releasing his 10 Summers mixtape in July of last year. He also made his presence felt all over Hustle Gang's We Want Smoke compilation. The rhymer then started 2018 off with the song and video "Not Locked Down," featuring his label mate Tokyo Jetz.

Give London Jae's "Back in My Bag" a listen below.

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