Logic has been in the studio cooking up new heat. On Friday (Nov. 2), he uploaded the new track "Freestyle Friday Vol. 1" to his Instagram feed.

Naturally, given the 60 second limit, Lo gets straight to the point on the brief track. He does so by spitting rapid-fire bars. In the clip, he is standing in the studio ripping lines off his phone while maneuvering around the lab.

"Think about kids, think about bills/Think about how to maintain these meals," he quickly spits over the 6ix-produced track. "Think about youth on drugs and pills/Tryna' remember just how that shit feel/Broke as hell and try to get a deal/But now that I made it, it don't feel real/Feel like it's gon' fall away, and I'ma wake up homeless in the Holloway/Growing up never ever had a holiday, now I'm like holiday/From Ready Player One son."

After slaying his verse, John Lindahl comes on with a melodious chorus of, "What you doing, what you thinking, what's been on yo mind/Are you grinding, are you rhyming/Spending all your time/In the studio they don't know what you feelin' inside/Gotta' get it all of your chest."

With the Vol. designation, it would appear that more of these weekly freestyles will be coming. This is the first bit of new music Logic has put out since the release of his YSIV album in September, an album some fans are calling his best release to date.

Check out Logic's "Freestyle Friday Vol. 1" track below.

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