Lndn Drgs, a duo comprised of Compton, Calif.'s own Jay Worthy and Vancouver-bred producer Sean House, are back. Earlier this month, they dropped off Burnout 3, the latest installment of their Burnout series.

Comprised of five tracks, Burnout 3 features a jarring comination of gritting lyrics and instrumentals that sound like they belong to Shai or New Edition. Speaking with XXL for The Break back in October 2016, Jay Worthy said he was cultivated to appreciate the throwbacks.

“I grew up listening to a gang of shit. I’mma tell you like this, my dad raised me on a lot of soul, a lot of jazz, a lot of funk, a lot of old school R&B and of course early rap stuff. I had the [Snoop Dogg] Doggstyle album, I remember I was so young my pops had to bring me there and buy it. MC Eiht, Spice 1, [Nas'] Illmatic, [Wu-Tang Clan's] 36 Chambers, the classics, the good shit, the golden era."

The heavily R&B-influenced part of Jay Worthy's upbringing is more than a little apparent, and it's something you can check out for yourself by listening to Burnout 3 below.

Lndn Drugs also drop off the new video for "Codeine Fountains" on the one-year anniversary of the track's release. Watch the visual below to catch Jay hit the garage with some fly cars and fly women.

Lndn Drgs' Burnout 3 Tracklist

1. "Leave The Game"
2. "Pro Club"
3. "Turn You On"
4. "Mystery"
5. "Now I Am Here"

LNDN DRGS via SoundCloud
LNDN DRGS via SoundCloud

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