Keep your mumble raps and autotune, Lloyd Banks is spitting that straight heat.The G-Unit rapper keeps the new tunes flowing in, as he puts out another selection from his The Blue Friday Series.

Banks is still in his bag in this week's installment "Toxic." The track is produced by Asethic and finds the Brooklyn MC snappin' over a menacing soundscape highlighted by hard-hitting percussion.

"We get it out the problems next/I took a hit of life the hardest boy you looking through the eyes of death/I took a up and down denied the rest/I put my work in out the curtain now my name around the projects/You never understand this complex/My niggas known for fuckin shit up, avoid the bomb threats/Lost in the system, losing my mind next/Out hittin’ number one, it aint no contest," he raps on the chorus.

This is Banks' second time putting out The Blue Friday Series, with the initial series coming out back in 2010. If the PLK follows the same formula as before, the weekly drops should culminate with a mixtape of all the previous releases.

In related news, Banks is enjoying life as a new father. His daughter Christina was born in December. The rapper shared the first photos of his little one a few weeks back on Instagram. "The happiest time of my life! My bundle of joy! ❤️ Christina Ryann Lloyde Daddy's little girl," he captioned the pic.

Stream "Toxic" above.

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