Lloyd Banks delivers his new Halloween Havoc 3: Four Days of Fury mixtape. The Queens representative comes through with 14 new tracks with no features.

You can listen to the mixtape above via Banks' SoundCloud account. The project opens with "Headache & Heartbreak," which contains a spooked-out, Oct. 31-themed instrumental courtesy of Mr. Authentic. Track five, "On My Life," is a definite standout from the fresh body of work. Banks sounds confident and hungry over production from Mr. Authentic and ADM Beats.

The next track, "Already Made," is another banger from Halloween Havoc 3. The Hunger for More MC spits, "Hallelujah we done made it out the sewer/This my seniority, through all the hard times I maneuver/Keep a party poppin,' pocket full of moolah." Of course, this project is the third installment in Banks' Halloween Havoc series. In case you missed it, go back and check out his video for "Mind Over Matter," a song from Halloween Havoc 2.

Halloween Havoc 3 is the follow-up to Banks' last mixtape, the DJ Drama-hosted All or Nothing. Scott Glaysher reviewed the mixtape for XXL and typed, "Banks’ name often gets left out of the 'Is New York rap still alive?' conversation but he’s actually been lowkey holding down the Big Apple in a major way. His string of mixtapes can be best described as the kind of gutter boom bap that causes a screwface and this tape is no different. The music is so deeply New York that it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Banks was recording every song while tucked away in a small home studio in the deepest and darkest corner of South Jamaica, Queens."

Lloyd Bank's Halloween Havoc 3 Mixtape

1. "Headache & Heartbreak"
2. "Compensate"
3. "Money Crime"
4. "Hunger"
5. "On My Life"
6. "Already Made"
7. "Another Episode"
8. "Shooting Star"
9. "Repetition"
10. "Parade"
11. "History"
12. "Owe It to Em"
13. "Charge It to the Game"
14. "Safe to Say"

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