Just because LL Cool J hosted the 54th Annual Grammy Awards this past February and has a recurring role on CBS’ drama, NCIS: Los Angeles, doesn’t mean he’s forgot where he came from.

The multi-platinum and legendary rapper revealed that he’s working on a new album.

“As far as the album is concerned, it’s real authentic hip-hop, you know what I’m sayin?” LL told XXL yesterday (June 20), after announcing the launch of his new virtual studio recording software, My Connect Studio, in conjunction with Sony. “It’s LL Cool J being LL Cool J.

“It’s 2012, so it doesn’t sound like it would sound if it were 10 years ago or 20 years ago, but it’s definitely official,” he added.

Although LL didn’t reveal a title or ballpark release date, he did suggest that his 13th studio album would give listeners something that they haven’t heard.

“It’s a breath of fresh air,” he said. “It doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now. I think it’s crazy. It’s the business. It’s real.”

Exit 13 back in September of 2008 marked LL last LP offering, as he hasn’t dropped a new album since.

Yesterday, he also shared that he already started using his My Connect Studio software, which essentially allows two people to collaborate on music real time despite their location, to record parts of his new album.

"I'm going to be doing a little bit of the album on the studio, make sure that it is official," the MC discloses. "And as a matter of fact I started on my album too. It's authentic hip-hop, it's the business."—Mark Lelinwalla