Last year, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples--a one-time Odd Future affiliate, all-time Chris Paul nemesis--dropped Hell Can Wait, a stunningly visceral EP. "Hands Up" was a prescient rejection of law enforcement's authority; "Screen Door" inverted a young Nas' project-window vantage point; "Blue Suede" was an unhinged, fatalistic tour-de-force. Now, as he preps his debut album for Def Jam, Staples drops the Christian Rich-produced "Senorita." The song's anchored by a sample from "Covered N Money," from Future's 2014 sophomore album Honest ("Nine millimeter, my brother's my keeper/Was serving that ether before I did features"). Vince is at both his most technical and his most incisive; "Senorita" opens, "Fuck ya dead homies, run ya bread, homie/Got some lead for me? I'm in Artesia/Parked in my Beamer, bumping my own shit." There's also an allusion to "What Means the World to You," from Cam'ron's S.D.E.: Sports, Drugs & Entertainment), because if you're aiming to be the meanest, most insightful, most thorough rapper of your generation, where else do you look?

"Senorita" can be heard at Los Angeles Leakers and below; it will be available for purchase at iTunes later tonight. Staples debut album, Summertime '06, is set to drop on June 30 via Blacksmith/ ARTium/ Def Jam Recordings. A rep from Def Jam confirmed with XXL that the release date is true even though Staples' himself denied confirmation via Twitter (which he deleted). Summertime '06 will be executive  produced by No I.D.