When Chief Keef barreled his way into the national rap consciousness four years ago, he was a cipher for many Americans' anxieties about inner city life. He was an adolescent on house arrest, one who would see his identity and criminality and worth debated ad nauseam, all because he resonated with similarly dispossessed kids in his native Chicago. Since then, he's moved to a quiet house in Los Angeles and made music that is progressively more bizarre, betraying an experimental streak that wasn't readily apparent to some who heard "I Don't Like" and recoiled. Despite all this, city officials in LA and Chicago (and Indiana) have continued to try to bar him from performing, citing threats to public safety and nebulous "values" concerns. And Keef? Well, he keeps on creating. Today (Oct. 19) he lets go of three new tracks: "Don't Love 'Em," the Tadoe-featuring "Cabbage" and "BIH." The first two are produced by Rozey, while the last is handled by Sonny Digital. Listen below:

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