It's probably illusory, but the cycle of influences seems to spin tighter every year. How else would you explain Chance The Rapper going straight from 'promising up-and-comer' to the cagey veteran bestowing his wisdom? His breakthrough 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap, marked him as someone to watch in the coming months and years, but instead of following it up with a proper solo album, Chance receded into his creative collective, The Social Experiment. In his wake, other young, Internet-bred MCs are picking up the slack: Kyle is among the chief practitioners of post-Chance rap, and today (Sept. 30) he teams up with Mr. Rapper himself for a new song, "Remember Me?" Taken from his forthcoming album, Smyle--out this Friday, Oct. 2--the cut is reflective and heartfelt, lamenting absent parents and Christmases without new clothes under the tree. The two previously collaborated on The Social Experiment's Surf.